February 25, 2019

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  • Monday morning school days can be a bit depressing, but everyone was excited to sit down on the couch that is now in the bedroom. I guess if I were to put a new piece of furniture in the bedroom every week, school, or at least the start of school. would be a bit more exciting.
  • Two people started our morning reading time off on the couch and two started off in my bed. I usually don't let people on my bed in the mornings because I know what will (and did) happen. After so much, I could take no more so the folks on the bed were kicked onto the floor. Seconds afterwards, the two on the couch also had to move to the floor. 
  • School went fairly well. Anderson usually takes the longest time to get his work done. He starts with all of his "fun" things and leaves the harder stuff to the last. This makes me crazy and tomorrow it has been strongly suggested to him that he start on the hard stuff first.
  • Surprisingly, everyone did finish a few minutes before noon. That gave me a few minutes to catch my breath before we started on our lunches. For lunch, folks had eggs (made on the skillet and in the microwave), quesadillas, paninis and there was even one snacky lunch made. By the time that lunch is over, the kitchen is trashed, and I usually have a longer grocery list than when we started.
  • After lunch, we worked on our chores followed by some afternoon reading. I had a few minutes to clean the potties. I usually let the kids clean them, but I thought that maybe they should get a little better cleaning this week. 
  • Then it was time to load up and head to PE (Third Realm). All of our buddies were there today so everyone had lots of fun. Whitman delighted in making a tower with the foam blocks this afternoon. They all had lots of fun and were pretty sweaty when we left.
  • Once we made it home, I ran with Robby to pick up supper for everyone. We brought home BBQ from a new place. It was okay, but not wonderful. The sauce was super spicy. I was even able to use my Valentine's Tums!
  • This evening everyone had showers. Then we all huddled in the living room to watch a few tv shows before bedtime. It was a pretty long evening-long enough that no one even mentioned going to bed a few minutes earlier than usual.

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