February 16, 2019

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  • Well, the Nyquil that Robby borrowed from the Wilson's house, must have done it the trick because he slept all night long and all morning long and really just about all day long. 
  • The kids all set alarms upstairs because the kiddos that get upset about people setting alarms were all gone (Reagan and Anderson). I am not sure why in the world you would want to set an alarm on Saturday morning at 7 and 7:30, but whatever makes you happy I guess!
  • I pulled out school for next week this morning. I also played a game with Campbell and Whitman. Keaton had spent the night at Grannymom's house and was busy crafting this morning.
  • After we ate our lunch here, I loaded up the kiddos here and went to Nonna's house. Nonna and Pops kept the kids while I went to a funeral. Robby had planned to go but decided that he better save his energy for Anderson's last ballgame.
  • Once the funeral was over, I picked up Anderson from church. Reagan had planned on going. We had even packed a bag for her to change clothes and shower after the game. However, she did change her mind and decided that she didn't want to go. That was certainly fine though because just the fact that she even thought about going was super sweet. 
  • Anderson put on his jersey in the car, and we were soon at the gym. The game did not turn out how we would have liked, but Anderson had a good game. He scored around 5 points which was good since he hasn't scored much the last few games. 
  • They just lost by a few points, but by the end of the game I was worried about Anderson. His cold has caused his asthma to be a real problem. Candice had come to the game and was super worried about Anderson not being able to breathe! After another puff of his inhaler he was fine. 
  • The kids all enjoyed basketball. And while Anderson's games have been very close and exciting, his coach situation has been uncomfortable. That coach wasn't there today so of course we wanted them to win extra because of that. They ended up being second so that was pretty great. Anderson shook off the loss and was soon ready to shower at Sara's house and head back to church. 
  • Robby went home after the game, but I took my 4 to Third Realm. Yep, we have now been there 3 days in a row. If we keep this up, I will soon already have my moneys worth! Ha! The place was absolutely crazy. I even struggled to drive down the street because cars were parked on both sides. 
  • The kids still enjoyed jumping, and Graham even found some of his buddies that were there. Once we came home, the sweaty crew took their showers while I worked on heating up supper. I was very glad that there were plenty of frozen things in the freezer so there was a an easy super for us. 
  • After supper, the girls made a little dessert for us. Then we cuddled up in the living room and watched some baking shows before bedtime. Whitman again chose to sleep in Reagan's bed tonight. I don't really care as long as everyone was quiet and went to sleep. We talk about how bright he is, but even after sleeping in Reagan's bed last night, it was this evening when he finally asked, "where is Reagan?" Bless!

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