February 22, 2019

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  • I was sleeping so well this morning when my alarm clock went off. I did hit snooze for a bit too long. Soon we were all in my bedroom with everyone eating their breakfast. Just a few folks chose cinnamon rolls so that was good for me because there might just be leftovers for me to have tonight.
  • By 11:30 this morning, everyone but Anderson were finished with their school, and he was finishing up. We ate our lunch and were soon headed to Third Realm. It was time for PE. Ha! Actually, it was socialization time since all of our friends were there.
  • The kids enjoyed jumping this afternoon. Now, everyone is not up to par just yet. So they would often take a few breaks while jumping. 
  • Since I mentioned it, here is the Dennie family sickness rundown for the day. And yes, unfortunately, I think that some of my folks aren't feeling as well as they were the other day.
    • Robby-good but still coughing
    • Tara-good
    • Reagan-good but some coughing
    • Anderson-coughing, headache, possibly some fever today 
    • Graham-stomach ache but good
    • Campbell-coughing like she smokes a few packs a day
    • Keaton-good
    • Whitman-runny nose, congestion but no fever. I have even taken his temp a few times today thinking that he did have fever.
  • When we left the jumpy place, we dropped Anderson off at Nonna and Pops' house. He was spending the night over there. He went to basketball tonight. Afterwards, they went to eat at Corkys. Once they came back home, Anderson and Jason went to town working on a Lego project.
  • During the afternoon here, I pulled out school for next week. It seems like I do that pretty often-every Friday. Then we loaded up to take Graham to basketball. Campbell and Keaton went with us while Reagan and Whitman stayed at home. 
  • While the boys were at basketball, we spend the entire time shopping. We bought so much that we filled 2 buggies after they had bagged our groceries. The girls enjoyed helping us shop because they enjoyed filling the buggy with what they wanted. Afterwards we ran by Subway for supper to take home and then picked up Graham. 
  • Once we came home, everyone helped unload the car, then we ate our supper. We watched a few shows tonight and while we did that Campbell worked on one of her Legos from Christmas. Anderson was also at Nonna's house working on a Lego set. We let everyone stay up late tonight so we were able to watch quite a few shows.

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