February 19, 2019

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  • We will again begin with the Dennie family sickness update:
    • Robby-not 100% but improving
    • Tara-still a sore throat but feel fine
    • Reagan-moving a bit slowly but no fever (or at least that is what she says)
    • Anderson-more coughing today than yesterdday
    • Graham-healthy
    • Campbell-moving a bit slowly but no fever
    • Keaton-healthy
    • Whitman-fever and has asked to take 3 showers today (I have let him-shhh, don't tell our water bill.)
  • I was moving a bit slower than the kids this morning I think. I so debated just passing on school today, but I was a big girl and by 8:15 we did our reading. I read a bit less since my throat is pretty sore (no, I haven't gargled with salt water yet, but will tonight.)
  • I had decided that if anyone acted too pitiful then I wouldn't make them do everything. Campbell did lay on the floor for a good while, but didn't have any problem finishing her work. I was a bit worried about Reagan, but she was soon texting me asking to work together. She only wants to work with me when she is finished with all of her work. 
  • I did let Whitman slide on a bit of his work. This math lesson is where he has to write to one hundred every single day. I usually give the kids two math sheets, but this would take him a year so he has just been having to do one during this lesson. To make things easier, I even let Keaton write the numbers for him when he said them. 
  • It was nearly one when we did finally eat out lunch. We did do chores while I made some mac and cheese as part of our lunch. It was nice to have chores done once we did finish our lunch, though since have the crew is a bit under the weather, there were really few chores happening today.
  • Everyone but Reagan did play a nerf gun war for a little bit this afternoon. That went as well as you can imagine that it did. There were tears and name calling and that was just all by me! Kidding! There were tears and name calling, but not by me! It did prove to me that we possibly need to play a few more games around here so some people can learn to be good losers. 
  • We then read some more this afternoon. After that, I took myself a nap. I sure don't want to get sick so I am making sure that I take my vitamin C, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. On Thursday, Robby and I have our cinnamon roll class so I am crossing my fingers that I am still healthy then. My nap was lovely with it raining and even thundering a little bit. Wonderful nap time weather. Hopefully it will still be raining tonight as we go to bed.
  • Once Robby came home, he asked the kids if they wanted go to third realm. Keaton, Campbell and Graham did. Anderson did not and Reagan also declined. Robby asked Whitman who said that maybe he wanted to go another day. Of course this caused Robby to touch Whitman and indeed he had fever. 
  • When the others left, I took Whitman's fever and it was 102. Eeek, I promptly game him medicine! We then read a few books and before too long he had perked up again. The others soon returned as I was getting supper out of the oven.
  • We had chicken and biscuits for supper. It was delicious or so I thought. I think that everyone loved it as well. After supper, it was shower time for the kids while Robby and I made some rice krispie treats for tonight's snack.
  • The girls and I watched a tv show before it was finally bedtime. Possibly tomorrow, I can say that most of my folks are on the mend! 

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