February 24, 2019

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  • Since Anderson had a good bit of fever yesterday, Robby took him to Grannymom's house this morning while the rest of us headed to church. He spent a quiet morning over there until everyone was finished with church. 
  • He is actually feeling a good bit better today. I have not taken his temperature but every time that I touch him, he doesn't feel feverish. Keaton did tell me this morning that her throat hurt, but she hasn't acted like it has at all today. Robby is slowly getting back to normal but he is definitely not there yet. I don't believe that I have heard Reagan cough today, but Campbell and Whitman are still coughing a bit.
  • Today during Sunday school, we didn't have to teach, but instead had lots of pastries and a brief meeting. It was nice to have a little bit of a break from teaching. I know that we have only been teaching for a year now, but I am really wavering if I am going to teach next year.
  • After church, we hustled to Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's 75th birthday. Dana had made chili which was delicious. Then we all sang to Grannymom before cutting the cake. The kids enjoyed playing outside, and this was one of the first few days in a long time that they were able to do that. 
  • Once it was time to leave, we took home the cake but we also took home Dana's couch. She is buying a new one and gave her old one to us. Robby put it on the trailer to get home and had no problem at all. 
  • Of course we had to get it in the house which wasn't a problem. We quickly switched out couches in the living room. Our couch in the living room is comfy and well worn, and Dana's looks brand new. Robby did say that hers probably won't stay pretty very long. I will have to really monitor the kids until everyone has learned not to touch the couch!
  • The most difficult part was moving our old couch into our bedroom. We first had to move the piano out of the way so we could get the couch into the kitchen. Then it wasn't too difficult. Of course, after the couch was in the bedroom, Robby then had to move the tv cabinet over. 
  • The tv cabinet in our bedroom is massive which is a good thing (it holds lots of stuff) but it is also a bad thing (it takes up a lot of room). We will have to figure out exactly where everything will now go in our bedroom after adding the couch. Most of the things that I will have to move are my piles of school stuff that we work through every morning. 
  • We still had time for our Sunday afternoon nap. I did have to get up to take Reagan to her life group. I do think that she enjoys going to her life group even though there are mostly high schoolers there. As we drove up, there were quite a few high school boys walking in, and I did make sure to remind Alyssa and Reagan to stay away from those boys.
  • While she was gone, I helped the others find their supper. There was also time to play two rounds of Uno with the girls and Whitman. He actually only lasted for one round-he did win the first one and was quick to head out.
  • I baked cookies for a snack tonight. They were from the freezer so I didn't work too hard which was a good thing. Reagan didn't eat them because they were peanut butter. Anderson didn't eat them because they were too gooey. Whitman didn't eat them because he didn't want to leave his ipad. Keaton and Graham only ate one cookie so basically I wasted my time! 
  • I did have everyone go upstairs early tonight so they could work on their bedrooms. They had gotten a bit trashed this weekend. They did go to bed with a decently straight bedroom, too bad I can't say that about the rest of the house!

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