February 11, 2019

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  • It seems like we have had a lot of rainy Mondays lately. I think that a person could get a little bit depressed. It would have been a good day for us all to stay in bed, but instead my Graham was up finishing his school by the time I was walking down the hallway. He wasn't completely finished but he was moving along.
  • Anderson was awake, but the girls and Whitman were both sleeping soundly. It was pretty dark in the girls' bedroom. Whitman was in no hurry to wake up because he was warm and cozy with out about a thousand stuffed animals in bed with him. 
  • We started on our reading about 20 minutes later than usual. Well, 20 minutes later that I would like to start but just 10 minutes later than usual! We read pretty fast and soon everyone was working on their school work.
  • Everyone had finished by lunch time. During lunch I read some to everyone while they ate and cleaned up the kitchen. Then it was chore time for the crew. Soon we were back to doing some more reading. (Can you tell that I just read a book that stressed the importance of reading often to your kids?)
  • Anderson and I worked on some Legos for a bit. I also worked on pricing some garage sale items. The girls made slime, made perler beads, made forts and pretty much made messes where ever they went this afternoon. I did have them help me get the baked potatoes ready for supper.
  • I spent a bit of time on the treadmill, but when I was finished it was almost time for supper. After supper was cleaned up, we had time to make sugar cookies for Campbell's Bible study class on Wednesday. 
  • Tonight while I was baking the cookies, Graham came to me with help on his math. He had a letter A page which means that it is a new concept. It was all about multiplying decimals. Once I explained it to him, he couldn't believe that it was as easy as it was. Needless to say, he finished tomorrow's math before I could even finish baking the Valentine cookies.
  • After those cookies were made, I put in a batch of cookies for everyone's snack tonight. They gobbled them down and headed back to what they were working on-Campbell and Keaton worked on some of tomorrow's school work, Anderson, Whitman and Reagan were on their ipads while Graham was playing on the xbox. 

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