February 23, 2019

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  • It was a rainy Saturday morning which we took full advantage of. The girls helped me in the kitchen some. Campbell was planning on making some fudge. It didn't take too long for her to realize that we didn't have all of the ingredients. She became pretty sour at this even though we were still baking and even had a trip planned back to the grocery store later today.
  • Yes, it had been at least a full week since we had been to the grocery store so we felt like we should go today to make up for missing so many grocery shopping opportunities. Actually, we needed cheese, more butter, Campbell's chocolate chips and of course we couldn't resist the Valentine's day candy that was on sale.
  • Before we did head to the grocery store, Jason and Pops brought Anderson home. He had lots of fun at Pops' house even though I don't think that he felt that great. Tonight he actually had a pretty good fever. He doesn't have any thing else wrong other than his lingering cough. Hopefully, after a good dose of medicine he can sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow.
  • Around 1, Graham, Robby and I loaded up to run to Dairy Queen for our weekly burgers. That is when we also stopped into the store. Graham was ready to get back to the house and wasn't a willing grocery shopping participant. He was pleased with himself when I let him throw two boxes of Jello in the cart.
  • I finally finished up my baking this afternoon in time to sit down for a few minutes. Then we loaded up with my jumpers-Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and Graham. Saturday night's are probably not the time to go Third Realm because the crowd is pretty rough. There was a even a little kid fist fight! 
  • Once at home, everyone had their showers while Robby made supper. Graham had requested bow tie pasta while we were at the store so that is what we had. After supper, the kids put away their laundry before settling in to play on their ipads for a little bit. It was a pretty quiet evening.
  • Before bed we did enjoy watching Whitman play PacMan on the tv. I am not sure if he knows how to turn so he just goes in a straight line the entire time with Robby and I yelling "turn! turn!" at him. It was pretty entertaining-I am not sure why I kept watching because it never took too long before he was eaten by one of those little ghosts since he continually went in a straight line.

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