February 3, 2019

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  • Robby heard Campbell and Laynie this morning at 6:20. They were going strong then and were dressed and ready when Robby and I finally did get out of bed. I was even surprised that Reagan and Camryn were also awake this morning. Keaton was the only one that I did have to wake up, but when I told her that Laynie was already downstairs she shot out of that bed.
  • Church this morning and then Sunday school. Afterwards, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. Her cake was so delicious that Anderson was even talking about it this afternoon. The kids had some time to play before we finally headed home.
  • I am not so sure what makes us so tired on Sunday afternoons but Robby and I laid down on the bed while still in our church clothes and snoozed for a while. He eventually did get up to work on this evening's snack of rice krispy treats. I helped and soon we were taking Reagan to her life group.
  • Before we left though, everyone in this house picked out their squares so they could have a chance to win a prize at each quarter. We also placed bets on the overall winner, who would score first, how the first team would score and possibly something else. 
  • I did end up winning 10 dollars so I was certainly pleased. Reagan, who we debated letting her in on our prizes since she was gone, actually won two quarters and won movie tickets, 3 dollars and a chick fil gift card. Whitman also won 10 dollars along with some candy and a gatorade. Campbell won candy and a gatorade alone with some cash. I do believe that Anderson and Keaton won a few dollars but poor Graham and Robby didn't win a single thing.
  • Reagan was pleased with her winnings here but also enjoyed her party with her life group folks. She returned home after the game was over. It is back to school tomorrow for most everyone. Reagan is spending the day at the capital building so hopefully she will enjoy it (even if she is not looking forward to it!)

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