February 2, 2019

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  • This was the first time in a few weeks that we didn't have basketball first thing in the morning. It was perfectly wonderful. Now, I will say that we didn't have to wake up for basketball, but last night when we should have been going to bed; there was basketball.
  • Last night at 11, the boys decided to go outside to play some basketball. We let them because really why not? I do think that they must have tired themselves out because they only started to stir around 8 this morning.
  • Robby and I soon went right to work this morning. There was laundry-there is always laundry-along with quite a few other things to pick up. I did run Noah home and pick up Keaton this morning.
  • Keaton had tons of fun at her sleepover. She told us all about it on the way home.  She talked the entire time telling us all about every single detail! She was also quick to show off her painted toenails and painted fingernails.
  • Once at home, Robby and I started work on supper for tonight. It pretty much did take all afternoon long. We did stop to feed the kiddos some pizza. Of course I took a bite right when it was out of the oven and burned the fire out of my mouth. 
  • Keaton wasn't ready to leave for Anderson's game because she was outside playing with the neighbors. She even rode in the neighbors go cart!
  • Anderson didn't win his game, but it was still lots of fun to watch. Well, we enjoyed watching the kids play ball but the assistant coach gracious me. I would like to take his boy home for a week to show him how a dad should treat his son. (On a side note, I am super thankful that my husband realizes that sports are just that-sports. Hopefully, my boys see that as well and understand that it is not all about winning.)
  • We came home and I was thankful to see that my house was still standing. I had left the oven on and two crock pots on as well so I wasn't too sure! All was well though and my potatoes that were still hard when we left were soft and almost done. (The oven was just on warm, but I guess it still cooked those potatoes.)
  • Soon the McGuires and Penningtons arrived for supper. We had chili, white bean chicken chili and baked potatoes. We, of course, made too much food, but that was fine since we will have plenty of leftovers this next week.
  • The kids watched a movie but soon migrated outside to play. That is where they stayed until every left. The McGuire girls stayed over here for the night. Campbell has really wanted one of her buddies to spend the night so she was thrilled. Unfortunately, they didn't have too much time to play because once everyone left it was time for showers and then bed.
  • Camryn and Reagan ended up in the bonus room. I don't think that Reagan wanted to go up there because she didn't want to haul all of her stuff up the steps. I do think that everyone is pretty tired tonight because I haven't heard anything coming from upstairs.

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