February 12, 2019

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  • For some reason, I woke up early enough this morning to lay in my bed and debate if I wanted to get up and make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for the kids' breakfast. I finally decided that I should not make them today, but just wait until Valentine's day. Now unfortunately, I will probably not wake up on time at all on Thursday.
  • School was pretty the same as usual. I am not too sure how everyone is finishing earlier, but they are. Well, I say that I am not too sure but I do know. At least every week someone finishes something for the year. Anderson was excited to see that this week was his last week of Analytical Grammar for the year.
  • We all ate our lunches before going off to do our chores. We had a few extra chores today since all of our homeschool buddies are coming over tomorrow. The kids always remind me that there is no reason to clean before the people come over when we have to clean right after they leave as well.
  • After we read some, we moved on to the kitchen. Everyone helped decorate sugar cookies for tomorrow. Then Reagan worked on her Valentine treats which were delicious but a bit more time intensive than we had expected. 
  • I did have a bit of time for the treadmill this afternoon. Once Robby came home, we worked on supper-quesadillas. Afterwards, Robby worked on cleaning the kitchen floor while I took Anderson to basketball practice. Yep, they called another one before the championship game on Saturday.  I do think that main reason is because many of the kids won't be there on Thursday, Valentine's day, for practice. 
  • While we were gone for practice, everyone had their showers. When we came home, we had a few minutes of downtime before it was bedtime for the crew.

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