February 27, 2019

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  • My boys were all up this morning, but I had to wake up the girls. They were sound asleep in their cozy little room. It didn't take too long before everyone was ready, and we started work on emptying our trash cans and folding the laundry. Of course we had to get that laundry folded because we needed to find those silly Third Realm socks.
  • During the middle of CBS, Robby came to pick up Keaton. She had a doctor's appointment for her excema study. They gave her new medicine today so hopefully it will do a wonderful job on her little arms. They are looking pretty rough right now-not their worst but pretty bad.
  • After her appointment, he brought her to meet the rest of us at Third Realm. All of the buddies were there today so the kids had a good time. Gracious they jump the entire time. By the time that we left, Graham was so incredibly sweaty!
  • The Heltz came home with us for a little bit. The kids started playing outside but soon all ended up inside. Whitman could have cared less about playing with his friend that was here today. I think that we will need to work with him a bit on being more social. They did read a few books with me.
  • Once they left, the kids spotted the neighbors outside so they all went out. Of course we never ever see our neighbors except for times when we are about to leave. The kids had about 30 minutes outside before it was time for me to call them in to eat our supper.
  • We stopped by the library on the way to church. I still love my Wednesday bagels and my Wednesday library stops. Then we fought the traffic and headed on to church. The evening went by fairly quickly and soon I was gathering the kids from the playground.
  • Once we made it home, Robby had popcorn for the kids. They ate and then we watched a bit of Family Feud before bedtime.

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