February 13, 2019

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  • I thought for sure this morning that I wouldn't have to wake many folks up. I figured that they would be so excited about the day that they would be up and going before I even woke up. That was not the case; Graham was awake before anyone else but that was all. 
  • I woke up the crew and jumped in the shower as soon as Robby was out. Then that left a few minutes for us to empty the trash cans and fold the laundry before having to head off to church. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were both excited because they had valentine's to give to all of their classmates. Also Campbell had a tray full of Valentine cookies for her classes's snack.
  • After Bible study, we hurried home because all of our buddies were on their way to the house. We had our Valentine's Day get together this afternoon which made for a crazy and long day.
  • Thankfully, the day was perfect for the kids to play outside. They did migrate inside when it was time for everyone to begin matching books to boxes. Everyone had read a book and then played 4-6 objects in the book to represent the book. We had a sheet with everyone's book listed and had to match the boxes to the books. It was pretty difficult, but surprisingly the kids did pretty great at guessing.
  • Once we had guessed books, we played a game before finally letting everyone pass out their Valentine's. This was the part of the afternoon that most of the kids could not wait on. After the Valentine's were passed out, we sent the kids out to play while the mommas chatted for a little bit.
  • Before we realized it, it was nearly 4! Soon I had the kids that were left here to start picking up. It took a little while for them to pick up outside. Once all our friends did leave, we had about 20 minutes to pick up the rest of the house. Graham went to the bonus room, Reagan to the girls' room, Campbell to the boys' room, Anderson vacuumed, Whitman picked up the floor and Keaton worked some more in the garage. I will tell you that my people can work hard when they have to!
  • We ran to the library before heading to church tonight. We decided to eat at church-since I was already too tired to try to think of something to eat here. The church meal was good but I was starving since I had only eaten dip for lunch and ran out of the house before heating up my breakfast. 
  • I did my game time with the preschool. As soon as it was over, I headed to pick up the kids. No one was too pleased with me since I didn't let anyone stay out on the playground for long. Really, as soon as I knew that everyone was finished for the evening, I headed to the car! They love playing on the playground, but I don't love standing around waiting so not tonight!
  • Once at home, everyone needed showers before we had our Valentine cookies for our bedtime snack. 
  • One more thing I forgot to mention, Whitman's music teacher said that he could read better than any of the other kindergartners. She commented that he was always reading the song titles before they sang them. I would agree, he is one smart cookie!

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