February 17, 2019

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  • Robby was still under the weather this morning. Well, he has been sickly since late Friday evening. He did get up briefly this evening but soon hibernated on the couch in the bonus room. That is actually where I think that he is going to stay for the night too since Campbell and Whitman will be in the floor of our room.
  • During church, Grannymom did notice that Whitman was a little more still than usual. On the way to Sunday School he coughed pretty good, and I even felt his forehead. He felt fine so I sent him on to class.
  • By the time that we had collected everyone after church, Whitman was fading fast. He basically just sat in the chair during lunch at Grannymom's house. 
  • Anderson and Reagan had a great time at their Big Chill weekend. Of course staying up late comes with a middle school retreat. (Unfortunately, grouchiness also comes with a a middle school retreat and we are having a lot of it around here today.) Anderson said that he slept a total of 6 hours-I know that wasn't good for his cold. He is hoarse now plus I don't think that he is any better.
  • On the way home from Grannymom's house, I ran to Kroger to pick up some medicine for Whitman. I wasn't sure what we had. I had looked for some preventative for the rest of us but couldn't find any so I bought a big thing of vitamin C. No one else would drink it, but I am guzzling it.
  • By the time my nap and Whitman's nap (you know he is sick when he sleeps) was over, Campbell was laying on the couch. I don't think that she has fever but she doesn't act like she feels well. She has even had two showers this evening. 
  • Keaton and I ran to Dairy Queen to pick up our 3 burgers for the week. I am so glad that only 3 of the kids like the burgers because it makes things much easier. Campbell and Whitman only wanted cheese and crackers, as did Robby. Keaton ate some black beans but didn't think that mine were up to Nonna's so she didn't finish them. 
  • I did tell everyone that they had to go to bed at 9 tonight. I didn't get too much push back-I think that everyone is tired. So here is the run down on the sicklies:
    • Robby-probably not fever and possibly on the mend
    • Tara-sore throat but feels fine (yep, hopefully that vitamin C will help!)
    • Reagan-healthy
    • Anderson-congested, coughing and still using the breather regularly
    • Graham-healthy
    • Campbell-coughing and feels bad
    • Keaton-sore throat but feels fine
    • Whitman-coughing and feels bad but no fever right now
  • Overall, I guess that it could be a lot worse: it could be the stomach bug! I hope that a good night's rest will help everyone around here.

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