February 7, 2019

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  • For some odd reason, I woke right up this morning and couldn't even snooze the last few minutes before having to get out of bed like I usually do. Maybe it was because I kept trying to figure out why my tv was on in my room. I was watching tv when I went to bed, but thought that I turned it off. However, I don't remember much of the ending of the movie that I watched so I am not too sure that I saw the end before going to sleep.
  • We started on our school work this morning. Grannymom text to tell us that a storm was coming, and before I could text her back it was hailing like I haven't heard in a long time. Of course the kids all run to the windows to see the hail. Later, I think that probably wasn't the best choice. Campbell said that they were the size of ice cubes while Anderson said that they were the size of marbles. Who knows, but it was sure loud for just a few minutes.
  • Then just as quick as the storm blew up, it went away. And about a minute later, the power went out. This caused all kinds of excitement. I still have about 45 minutes of reading with the kids so I figured that the lights would be back on by then. It was so dark outside because of the stormy, rainy weather that I had to get a flashlight to read to everyone. 
  • After I had finished reading, the kids all started on their work. The lights weren't back on so many folks grabbed flashlights and lanterns or set by a window and pressed on. Of course to the kids, this is what memories are made of. They couldn't have been more excited about doing school by flashlights.
  • Of course, they were hoping that the power stayed off for as long as it could. My big 3 have quite a few things that they do on the computers so as long as the power was out, there was a bit less school work to do. Around 11 or so, it did finally come back on. Not surprisingly, all of this excitement did put us behind on our school work so it was nearly 1 when we started our lunch.
  • After lunch, we picked up the house and everyone worked on organizing one drawer. Keaton and Campbell had the most to do. Keaton because she has so many clothes and Campbell because she just shoves everything in one drawer whether it goes in there or not. Anderson had the least to do and barely has any tshirts. He probably only has 10 shirts in his drawer. I started to feel sorry for him but then remembered that he happily wears two shirts over and over again (just like me and Robby.) Why buy him more when he still has some he never wears?
  • Reagan then went to town making some recipe that she had seen. Basically is was chocolate covered cheesecake bites. She didn't like them but they are absolutely delicious. I helped Anderson do a little bit of his East project. He has to design a headquarters on a 3D program. I was pretty worried about getting this done, but Anderson seemed to know how to do it. He just needed me there to help motivate him to get started.
  • Soon, the afternoon was over and Anderson, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I were heading to Grannymom's house. Anderson had basketball practice tonight so Grandpa took him while the rest of us were at church. Their power was out so Grandpa was even looking forward to going and sitting in the light for a little bit.
  • While we were at Refresh tonight at church, Graham and Reagan stayed at home. They stayed at home with a list of things to do-empty the dishwasher, take showers, etc. I kind of like having people at home working on the house! 
  • After Refresh, we went to pick up Anderson. There were lots of power trucks all around Grannymom's house working. They still estimated their power would be back on tomorrow, but hopefully with all of those people working it will be sooner.
  • We made it back home in time for Anderson to take a shower. Whitman and Campbell did make some jello for tomorrow. 
  • And just as things were winding down, Anderson was standing on the steps talking to me. He suddenly started screaming...his finger was in the door, and Whitman closed the door.  Yep, that didn't make for a quiet evening. Anderson was in so much pain. It immediately started bruising, We got him ice and ice packs. It doesn't look broken, but gracious me I know that it hurt. Anderson was screaming and crying, Whitman was whining not knowing if he was in trouble (it was an accident), Campbell and Keaton were fretting over Anderson, Graham was trying to help me figure out what to do and Reagan was trying to calm Whitman. 
  • By the time that I left upstairs, Anderson had calmed down. He had two ice packs up there so hopefully that will help or at least keep his mind off of it. Anderson has a busy day tomorrow so his finger better heal pretty quickly!
  • Finger update: I went to check on Anderson after a bit and his finger was already looking better. Not as blue as it was. It will still be sore but he said that it wasn't throbbing. He was almost asleep when I did go in there, so hopefully he will be able to go back to sleep quickly. 

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