February 9, 2019

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  • This morning was Woven at church. My girls, especially Keaton and Campbell, were really pretty excited about it. So when I woke them up this morning, they were quick to put on their clothes and be ready to leave the house.
  • We picked up Nonna and met Grannymom and then all went upstairs to find a table. Keaton, Campbell, Nonna and Grannymom all went to the cake decorating class. I know that they enjoyed it because Campbell left with icing all over pants. 
  • Reagan and I went to the calligraphy class. Reagan had already told me that I was to come with her because I would let her have all of my stuff. Reagan is already pretty good at calligraphy, and I am not at all. At all! So I gladly let her have all of my stuff. We left with paper to make a few cards on along with a pencil and a calligraphy pen. 
  • We all met back up for lunch-chicken salad which all of the grownups ate and turkey sandwiches which all of my girls had. There were a few games and a short devotional before we headed home. 
  • As I drove up the driveway today, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Whitman knocking on the neighbors door. The girls quickly hopped out of the car to go and play with the neighbor too. When I did go in, I asked Anderson if he knew where Whitman was and he did not. (Robby had run to get the boys' lunch.) 
  • I did have a little talk with Whitman about making sure that he does tell someone in the house where he is going! Gracious me. On the way home, Whitman had text me telling me that he wants a mini fridge for his birthday. That child!
  • Soon it was time for us to the other side of town for Anderson's basketball game. This game determined who played in the championship. It was a pretty intense game-one of our coaches wasn't even allowed on the court. Robby and I both almost came to blows with people during the game-ha, not really. He did have to set a fan straight, and I had to set a coach straight. 
  • The boys were down by probably 20 points at one point during the game, but remarkably they came back and won by 2 points. After the game, we all just sat there to relax a little bit. Actually, we just set there because the kids and the Kamps' kids were running all over the court having a great time.
  • Once we made it home, Robby pulled out chicken for supper but unfortunately we didn't have any tortillas so it was frozen pizzas to the rescue. The kids had showers while the pizzas baked. We ate our supper and then dug into Campbell and Keaton's cakes from this morning. They were pretty delicious! 
  • We did all gather in the living room to watch en episode of the Bates. The Bates turned into a few episodes of Family Feud and Shark Tank. Then it was finally time for the kiddos to head to bed, and Robby and I to have some celebratory ice cream. (We are celebrating Saturday being over.)

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