February 26, 2019

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  • Tuesday mornings do go much more smoothly than Monday mornings usually, and today was no different than usual. As you read last night, I did have Anderson start on his real work first thing this morning. However, he ended up in the living room where Reagan and Graham do their work. So today at 10:30, he still hadn't really finished anything of any merit plus hadn't finished any of his "fun" things. 
  • Graham was in a foul mood also. Mainly because he was doing something wrong, and I corrected him. I know, can you imagine that I am so horrible? Things just went from bad to worse when it came time to work on his math and correct it...just like we do each day. 
  • Things did calm down a bit before lunch. I read while everyone ate their lunches today. Today's menu was a bit less complicated-half of the folks had grilled cheese and the other half had egg in the hole. Now please don't think that I made any of this. I did flip a few sandwiches and flip a few eggs for some, but mostly I don't do a thing to make lunches. I do make sure that Whitman does have a lunch, but usually his sisters fight each other to make his lunch.
  • After lunch, we worked on chores for a little bit while Anderson worked on his school work. We did our afternoon reading. Today we were reading about George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. So while I was reading about it, in the background I had google playing it. I am not a big google user, but things like that are pretty cool.
  • We again met some of our friends at Third Realm today. I know it seems crazy to go so much, but it at least gets my people off of their devices for an hour and a half each afternoon. The neighbor isn't home yet when we leave, and the other neighbors are never outside anymore so the kids aren't missing anything here at home. 
  • Before we did leave today, we did cut the La Ropa out front. I had the kids help me which made it go so quickly. Of course the girls were fussing over who could do the last plant. I wouldn't have done any if I would have known that they enjoyed doing it so much. I hope that I am not too late on trimming those plants back. I haven't killed them yet so they must be pretty hardy.
  • Once we made it back home this evening, Robby was soon home. We heated up some potatoes and topped them with our leftover bbq. Well, most of the kids didn't use any bbq in their potatoes. I did decide that if they would let me fix their potatoes they would enjoy them a whole lot more. Seriously, my potato topped with salsa, bbq meat, bbq sauce, sour cream, and black beans was sure a lot more yummy than theirs with just some cheese on top.
  • The excitement tonight was packing lunches for tomorrow. Seriously, I am not sure what Campbell and Keaton did in the kitchen for so long, but they took forever to make their lunch. I am very intrigued to see what all they stuck in their lunches. 
  • We watched a few shows and even finished the evening watching a bit of the Hogs play. Then it was bedtime for the crew-tomorrow will be a full day of church, jumping, and then church again.

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