February 15, 2019

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  • First, I will apologize for any mistakes on this blog. I had just plugged up my phone tonight and realized that I had forgotten to do something. The blog! We were a bit out of our routine tonight when we came in. So instead of getting out of bed to get my computer, I am just attempting to try to do the blog on my phone. I can already tell that it will be a shorter than normal blog because this is pretty tough. 
  • This morning we all did our school work. There was no spelling for anyone today so that makes my day a lot easier. I was able to do a few things-print something out, replace a battery and repair a book. The kids always ask me to do stuff late at night when they are going to bed and the battery and book repair were from last nights ask. 
  • We had our lunch-there were again lots of leftovers from last night.  The kids didn’t even make a dent in them. My boys insist on heating everything up in the toaster oven even though it takes so long. I  usually finishing reading some of our second book when they finally get their food warm. 
  • Grannymom and Geandoa came to pick up Keaton to spend the night over there. She was super excited about it and had been packed since yesterday morning. Before they left with Keaton, we drove them around to show them where some buddies bought a house nearby. 
  • The rest of the afternoon was spend packing. We had plenty of list but still forgot Reagan’s watch (our fault) and Anderson’s pants (his fault-at least he has a jacket.)
  • I took Anderson, Graham and Campbell to east today. I enjoyed it because I sat in the quiet library and read some of my book. They did not enjoy it because they all said that they didn’t have anything to do. I wasn’t too pleased to hear that because we can just sit around at home. 
  • After east, Noah joined us. We then dropped Graham off with Robby who had been at Third Realm with Whitman and Campbell (visit 2). Robby has supper for the crew. My crew ate on the way to church and Graham ate on the way to basketball. 
  • I dropped off Reagan and she zoomed off. Anderson, on the other hand, stood right by me asking where do I go. I told him I would stay until he found a buddy. Seconds later in walked two of his friends. Then before I even had time to say bye, he headed up the stairs. I did find out what house he was at and saw that he would have one buddy there so I was pretty thankful for that. 
  • I then met Robby and the others at home and we loaded up for the wilsons. Shannon had made chili which was pretty spicy. It was actually spicy enough that I was able to try out my valentines Tums. Robby ran to pick up Graham. Then we ended up staying at the Wilsons until 10. 
  • By the time we made it home, Robby was sickly. I guess he might actually have fever. Well I know he is sick because he is wearing socks to bed! That is why my routine was all switched up tonight since after tucking the kids in I tried to crawl into bed without bothering him. 
  • I do believe that my blog is finished. And yes, it too me much longer to type this on my phone that it would have to get up and just get my computer. 

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