February 4, 2019

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  • This morning everyone but Reagan did our morning reading. She was busy getting ready for her big day. Early this morning, Robby took Reagan and Alyssa to the capitol for the day.
  • They were pages for our representative today. Once Robby dropped them off, they went to orientation and a tour around the capitol building. At some point they even went to the Treasury office and held the mounds of money. 
  • Jason spotted Reagan, Alyssa and another girl at the cafeteria. They were eating their lunch during a break. Reagan did say that they also browsed at the gift shop for a bit. Robby caught a bit of the session and even saw Reagan taking a note from one representative to another. 
  • She probably wouldn't admit it but I am pretty sure that she had a great day. She probably enjoyed the more knowing that her brothers and sisters were having to do school back at home.
  • The rest of us worked on our school and the day went fairly smoothly. There was a bit of sourness knowing that Reagan wasn't having to do her school. That was fine with me though because she was learning quite a bit on her field trip and everyone else was moving one day closer to summer!
  • I was about to call my folks to the kitchen for lunch when the neighbor folks came out. So I let everyone play until they had to go back in and finish their school. It was well after 1 when my crew ate.
  • Once lunch was finished, we worked on our chores, and Anderson and I settled in the bonus room working on his legos. Nonna and Pops came over to drop off a sweater for Robby. They were here when Reagan came in so they were able to hear all about her day.
  • Later more neighbors came out so the kids played outside until it was dark. We all had leftovers for supper-the unending pots of chili are still full. Almost sounds like a Bible story or something-remember the lady with the vat of oil or flour or something.
  • The kids all had showers tonight and some of them had hair cuts. Well, the boys did. I have about decided that I am going to try to trim the willing girls' hair. We will see if I can work up the nerve-surely I can do it. We shall see though.
  • We watched a tv show and at some ice cream tonight before everyone went to bed. Then Robby and I stayed up a bit and watched a few tv shows and possibly ate more ice cream.

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