February 5, 2019

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  • This morning....hmm, I can barely remember this morning. It did involve lots of scurrying around. I do remember that I was at the steps hollering for Reagan to come on down because we were about to start reading together, when people from my bedroom yell back that she is already downstairs. She has done that a few times lately, and I am not sure how she sneaks by me. 
  • We did our reading this morning. At one point Whitman stopped me trying to ask me what one word meant. I wasn't sure which word it was and started trying to explain all of the words I had read. Everyone else had to tell me what word he said so I could finally explain it. I think that word was "obsess."
  • After reading, everyone started on their work. Reagan and Anderson were way behind today. They both have a fairly large book report due on Friday so they got behind working on that. Now, Graham also has the same thing but he has steadily been working on his. Reagan did finish hers off today which is why she was probably still doing school at 2.
  • We had our lunch closer to 1 this afternoon. Before I knew it though, I was in the car headed to the skating rink with Whitman, Campbell and Keaton. The others stayed home so they were given a few extra things to do this afternoon, but all actually ended up outside playing with the neighbors.
  • My Keaton and Campbell did very well skating. Campbell mostly roller bladed. Keaton tried but had to get her skates back. Whitman definitely needed the skate aid (the others just grabbed extra ones to play with) but he did pretty good as well and skated the entire 2 hours.
  • Once at home tonight, the neighbors were still out so everyone played for a bit. Then the other neighbor came out so the little 3 went back out. They came back in about the time we had supper ready. Yes, we did have supper from that never ending pot of chili. 
  • At some point during showers and packing of lunches for tomorrow, Robby decided to see what some of our bonds were worth. To do this, he needed to type in my driver's license number. It didn't take him long to see that my driver's license was expired! I thought you got a note or something about it!
  • Upon more inspection, he also found out that if your license is more than 31 days expired, you have to take the written test again. Tomorrow is day 31! Seriously, it was by the grace of God that he saw that tonight. I now have a zillion documents and forms of identification in the car along with twenty alarms set to go off in the morning so I can get myself and my people out of this house before 7:30 so hopefully I can be legal again by the time we have to head to Bible study. 
  • And yes, I have looked at how hard it would be to take the written test again. Let's just say that Reagan and I would be getting our license at probably about the same time! Yikes! I can not even imagine!
  • The kids are in bed, the car is loaded up for tomorrow, the dishes and laundry are drying and I'm about to take a shower and climb into bed. My 7:30 a.m. leave time will be a lot later than Robby's 4:30 a.m. leave time!

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