August 31, 2019

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  • Robby was up very, very early this morning to have the oil changed in the car. I had intended to get up near the time that he left, but instead jumped up right before he made it home.
  • I went to work on the laundry and dishes while Robby cooked some chicken. I was able to pack a bit more before Keaton, Campbell and I took Graham to a birthday party.
  • It was a swim party so he had a blast hanging out with his friends. While he was there, Keaton had her hair cut. She was so excited through the whole thing. Then we did some speed shopping around Kroger. We have more to buy tomorrow but at least we made a dent in our ever growing grocery list.
  • After picking up Graham, we came home. I worked on unloading our groceries and when I had finished, Whitman asked me for lunch. It took me a little bit to make his lunch, but seconds after I sat it down in front of him, he said, "well, I guess I am going to get my lunch." The silly boy didn't see it!
  • Robby and I worked in the yard for a while. He worked longer than I did-though I did struggle with the weed sprayer thing for far too long. It just doesn't like me-when Robby would get it ready for me, it would work perfectly. He would get back on the mower and the weed spray would start dripping out again. This happened over and over again.
  • Chase came over to spend the night. He had just been here for a little bit when we left for Third Realm. We did pick up the big Heltz 3 to jump with us. Nothing like showing up with 10 kiddos-pretty fun. Everyone had someone to play with!
  • Reagan went home with Alyssa after jumping, and the rest of us headed to the pool. The water must have been a bit cold, but that didn't stop anyone. The kids all swam and ate-they finished 4 boxes of pizza and 3 packages of cookies. 
  • On the way home, Chase said to Anderson, "you don't know where Highway 5 is?" I am not sure what they were talking about. Anderson replied, "no, I don't know that but I know Route 66." 
  • We came home around 8 and started on showers. After showers, Graham and Chase did some basketball trading. Then they watched a movie while Whitman and most everyone else watched some of The Greatest Showman. Well, they watched it, but I snoozed through it-there is nothing better sleep than cuddled up with a snuggly kid during a movie.

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