October 1, 2019

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  • What a day this has been around here. The next few days, possibly the next month, are going to be a bit busy. We do love being busy, but today when I set my alarm for 7 minutes for a short nap, I did think that maybe we need to slow things down around here. Maybe I should have thought about that 4 kids ago!
  • I started the day off with my treadmill walk. The only thing about watching Hallmark movies while on the treadmill is it takes forever to watch one movie. Or at least it seems like forever. I guess maybe I should walk more than 30 minutes a day. That, however, would mean waking up earlier which is not going to happen.
  • We started on our school work, but before long Graham was headed out to a doctor's appointment. I really thought that the boy just had a cough, and I was really wrong. He does have a case of bronchitis and came home with three different medicines. He was gone most of the morning which left him with a good bit of school work for tomorrow. 
  • Soon Anderson and Graham met the Powell boys for their construction class. Graham explained everything that they did to me. They worked on flashing on the roof, nailed in shingles, putting on harnesses and sealing cracks. Graham said that he was enjoying it and was excited about next weeks heavy machinery class.
  • Once the boys left, the girls and I along with Whitman went to town on the house. We straightened and cleaned all within 20 minutes, then had a few free minutes. I read to Whitman which left me fairly sleepy-that is when I had my 7 minute nap.
  • Next stop was skating-it was Charlotte's birthday so all of the buddies were there. Reagan wasn't too exicted about skating, but gracious I couldn't get that girl off of the ice when it was time to go. 
  • The girls all went ice skating and seemed to do decent. They are all much better skaters than I would be. Now, Whitman used his skate aid today, but he skated the entire time that we were there stopping only for birthday cake. I know that boy must be completely exhausted tonight.
  • We took Alyssa home with us so she joined the Powell boys who were already here. Robby and I did a few things to get ready for our homeschool family field day tonight, but we even had time to sit down outside for a few minutes.
  • Everyone except for the Davids were here tonight. The kids had looked forward to being able to play a game or two wtih the dads. However, the day light just didn't cooperate to much with us. We were able to play a short game of ultimate frisbee. It was fun even though it was pretty dark while we were playing.
  • The kids all enjoyed it-I think that everyone did. There was lots of food-we did hot dogs, then everyone else brought lots of chips, desserts, and sides. 
  • Keaton went home with Charlotte to finish her birthday celebration. Campbell ended up going home with sweet Abigail while Alyssa spent the night here. We let the kids stay up a little bit later than usual, but it was soon bedtime for the crew and for me (Yes, it was ice cream time as well but just for Robby. I was still full from tonight's desserts.)

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