October 10, 2019

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  • I hit my alarm a bit too long for the treadmill today. I should have gotten up since I never went back to sleep, but I enjoyed my quite time before the craziness of the morning. Soon we were all in my bedroom, eating breakfast and reading about Napoleon and Jupiter.
  • Graham finished today's school work and then went right to town on tomorrow's school work. He was still finished with it all by the time that his two more distractible brothers finished theirs. He has bought a game which he was hoping to arrive in the mail tomorrow...however, it looks like it will arrive Saturday.
  • I did keep Whitman by my side as much as I could today. If he is actually doing his work, the only thing that slows him down is math. The other stuff, even phonics, he speeds through. But keeping him by me during the school day is a challenge-he will go off to use the restroom and won't return for 20 minutes. He will sharpen a pencil and will later be found sitting on the steps. 
  • I was able to start working on Whitman's clothes changeover today. Most of his clothes that he has in his closet still fit, but I still drug out some new ones. They all look huge right now but I am sure that soon they will be the right size. He was tickled with my finding him some new feetie pajamas in the bin of clothes.
  • We did some more reading this afternoon-North Korea and Brazil. Our homeschool group is planning a report day about different countries. The kids have chosen their countries, but we haven't started yet. I thought that our meeting day was a week from tomorrow, however, I just figured out that it is the next Friday. That makes me so incredible happy-one more thing off of my "must do immediately" list.
  • There was some working on Disney shirts this afternoon. I even made one more for Reagan tonight. I was about to do one for Anderson, but was distracted by trips to the bathroom. Bless it! Robby bought me my favorite caramel apple cider which didn't set well with my stomach at all! At all! I will finish Anderson's shirt tomorrow and also have two more to make for Robby. 
  • It was Whitman's turn to cook supper for us today. After Third Realm this afternoon, he came home and iced the cupcakes that we had made earlier in the day. While Reagan was at soccer practice, Whitman and I worked on his meal. He told me that he had to get up about 20 times while cooking/. I explained that is exactly how cooking is.
  • When Robby and Reagan came home, we ate Whitman's meal-chicken nuggets, edemame and mac and cheese. I also added fries and baked beans because they were in the fridge. It was a success especially when we ate his cupcakes. 
  • We finished the evening by watching the Bates before heading to bed. Tomorow is the last day of school for the week plus massive shirt making evening with the Disney folks. (For them-not for me. I have just a few more and will be done. We already have more Disney shirts than days there.)

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