October 31, 2019-Disney Trip Day 3

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I slept incredibly well last night, despite the little gnats that had snuck into our cabin when we opened the doors and the incredibly hard mattress. I must like a hard mattress because I didn’t stir until Campbell’s fit bit started buzzing around 6. From then on, I never went to sleep, but I did rest some until my own alarm started going off at 7.

My girls popped awake. I did have to braid Reagan’s hair which took a few minutes. We still walked out the same time as the boys were started stirring outside their cabin. We headed down to the beach to watch the sunrise. Once we made it there, the Crafts were not far behind us. 

Watching the sunrise turned into playing in the ocean. That was the plan though-the boys already had on their bathing suits while the girls soon returned to  our cabin to put on their bathing suits. 

The weather was perfect especially this morning. At the back of our cabins is a gate which crosses a road. Then you walk through a small parking lot and arrive at the beach. It was perfect because we were able to walk back and forth easily. 

The kids had so much fun playing in the water all morning long. It warmed progressively up during the morning. Robby and Casey ran to a store to pick up some sand toys which helped with the sand castle competition or two that were had.

My big 4 all enjoyed pushing the limits as much as they could with getting deep into the water. After you made it past the crashing waves, the waves were fairly calm. They had fun jumping the waves. Campbell did enjoy that but she also enjoyed playing with her buddies. Keaton loved having her friends to make sandcastles with. Whitman loved the beach but he also loved floating in the water. Of course, when he grabbed his life jacket and asked to put it on, I sure did not hesitate! 

Anderson didn’t feel too great yesterday, but I do think that he is feeling better today. He went back and forth between the cabin and beach-probably not because he didn’t feel good but because he enjoyed that freedom.

Around 1, those of us that were still on the beach headed back to the cabins for our lunch. Robby, Whitman, the girls and I all went to the showers to rinse off. Then it was time for a load of laundry before we pulled out our lunch items. 

It is kind of handy to have to the car right in front of the cabins. Yet, we are still packed to the brim. With our bags out, it has become a bit easier to find things in the car. However, the car is now hot so I want to climb around the car as little as I can.

At lunch Whitman asked for a roll up and a sandwich. I just gave him half of a sandwich. A bit later I walked back in the boys’ room while Robby was taking our first load of laundry, Whitman was making himself another sandwich. I guess a morning at the beach made for a very hungry boy.

The afternoon was fairly restful. Keaton, Campbell and Graham walked to the playground with the Craft girls. They got pretty hot out there playing in the sun-Campbell’s face is the most burned this evening. I tried to do pretty good on sunscreen, but it is obvious who I missed sunscreen on.

I ended up laying on Robby’s bed when he brought the laundry in. I told him that I just wanted to sleep for 5 more minutes. Before I knew it, those 5 minutes were over. We folded the laundry, and when I went to put it up, my cabin was full of little girls playing and giggling.

Before too long, the Heltz pulled their big rig into our little front yard. They came over for the afternoon and evening. As soon as they parked, we all headed to the beach to play. It was low tide so there were a few less waves.

The kids didn’t have too long to play because a cruise ship was supposed to be leaving the dock and would pass by the nearby pier. We all walked to the pier and instead of walking up the steps as we should have, we climbed over rocks. 

Now, the climbing over the rocks is not what caused Robby to drop his phone. I watched him do it-his arm bumped into the railing and down went the phone. He calmly said, “and now I dropped my phone.” We looked down and there were rocks. It took a minute but I did spot his phone. Wes and Robby jumped over the rail and started climbing to the phone. Wes grabbed it and all was well. Robby will live a few less years after that scare though-not only would that have been his phone gone, but also his main credit cards and both of our drivers license. 

Once we were all safely on the pier, we waited and waited for the ship to pass by us. We all finally enjoyed waving at the Norwegian Sun as it passed by on its way out of the dock. It would have been nice to be getting on that ship tomorrow, but Magic Kingdom will suffice just fine.

When we returned to the water, Robby had some people take our massive group picture. Now, as they were doing this, they told him that they had seen sharks just a bit ago. They said that they were little-only 3 foot, but this did slow down our water playing. That was perfectly fine with me-everyone is a lot easier to watch when they are not in the water.

The kids were able to have another sand castle competition. They worked and worked until it was time to come back to the campground for supper. Wes had grilled hot dogs for everyone. We all ate in our front yard until the kids finally decided that they wanted to celebrate Halloween.

Everyone had candy to pass out and the kids went from cabin to cabin (just mine and Robby’s) getting candy from all of the adults. They didn’t have too much candy, but they did have just enough. Soon after everything was picked up, the Heltz headed to their campsite back near Orlando.

The rest of us found our flashlights and headed back to the beach to look for crabs. Whitman was about to have a meltdown because he could not find a crab. Finally, he found one. It reminded me of the time that Reagan was little and so wanted a butterfly to land on her. Robby spent a good while just praying a butterfly to land on her shoulder. One finally did and eventually too Whitman found and caught a crab on his own.

We didn’t stay out too late tonight because everyone is pretty beat. Beach days aren't easy and this was supposed to be our relaxing day before Disney begins. Ha!

Before our crew went to bed, Robby did pass out their Halloween boxes. They had boxes full of candy from us. They also were able to open up their candy from Grannymom. Now, as we were on the beach today, my kids went nuts because they saw a helicopter in the sky. I think they just have a few more things on their list to find. 

The girls, Graham and I had showers tonight in the bathhouse. They only had three stalls so I had to wait on the girls to finish before it was my turn. We all left clean and with a lot less sand on our bodies. However, I am sure that by the time we went to bed, most of the sand was already back on us.

We met in the boys’ room to get a drink and help figure out laundry. I packed them up and then we went back to our cabin to do the same thing. Soon we were all climbing in our beds and playing on our ipads for a few minutes. We were in bed about an hour and a half earlier than yesterday. It was a super perfect day at the beach for the Dennies.

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