October 15, 2019

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  • Once again I didn't wake up for my treeadmill, and I so enjoyed my extra sleep. Tomorrow I do plan on waking up early, but we shall see! My extra sleep made me have to scurry around this morning waking everyone up. Thankfully, all of the boys were already awake which only left the girls to wake up.
  • School went fairly fine this morning. I do have to eat my words from yesterday because Whitman finsihed before noon today. He even zoomed through most of his math. It all just seemed to click with him today, so hopefully it will stick for Thursday.
  • The boys left for their construction class right after noon. They are still enjoying it and say that they are busy the entire time that they are there. Tpday they worked on laying bricks. They woud have been able to watch a sidewalk being poured but the rain prevented that.
  • Meanwhile, the girls and I worked on their room along with Keaton's clothes. We even bagged up 6 large trash bags of clothes to take to someone. I am getting rid of this stuff around here-one bag at a time. Life on the road here we come! Kidding, kind of, no, not really!
  • The girls, Whitman and I went to the library for the homeschool little class. We were the only ones there which is always odd. The littles enjoy it. They made candy corn garland today. Most of them made two sets of garland. I have hung up 3 in the house but don't know where else to hang any!
  • We met the boys at Third Realm for a little bit of jumping this afternoon. When we finished, Robby took most folks home while I ran some errands with Keaton and Campbell. It was supposed to be soccer night, but the weather prevented that. 
  • We went to Sams for my flu shot. My people had theirs yesterday, and since the minute they were given their shots someone in this house has been complaining about their sore arm. I have little sympathy for them, but I do hope that mine doesn't hurt me as bad as they think theirs hurts!
  • We also picked up some things from Walmart, yes again, plus a quick trip to Hobby Lobby along with picking up supper. We are focusing on Disney plus the friend's meal and birthday party coming up so no one here has thougth about what to actually eat in this house.
  • Once at home, there was lots of unloading of the car along with a tad bit of Disney preparation and Shark Tank watching before bedtime. 

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