October 6, 2019

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  • Sunday morning, and suprisingly, this seemed to be the first Sunday in a few that we weren't carting lots of extra kids to church. We had plenty of time for breakfast and even a little bit of laundry folding and dishwasher emptying.
  • On the way to church, Robby had music playing. Whitman quickly asked if we were late. We couldn't figure it out at first until he continued that they were already singing. He thought the radio was the church. I guess we do listen to church a good bit in the car. Yesterday, we listened to last weeks church, and Anderson asked if we had missed church. We had to explain to him that it was Saturday and not Sunday.
  • After church we went to Nonna's to celebrate Jason's birthday. We were a few days late in celebrating, but I don't think that he minded. We had hamburgers for our lunch before he opened his presents. 
  • We didn't stay too long at Nonna's house because this was the first Sunday in a while that we didn't have a soccer game, and that meant we could have a nap. It could have only been better if the rain that is falling now was falling then.
  • Our nap didn't last too long since we had to get to church. Whitman received his first grade Bible tonight-that makes 8 folks in our house to recieve first grade Bibles (all of us) and 2 who have received 6th grade Bibles (Reagan and Anderson). 
  • After church, they had cookies upstairs. The kids went to town on the cookies, but we did make them work afterwards to help pick up. They enjoyed helping Meryl put things away. I do always love it when they work together to help. 
  • Back at home, there was so more laundry before it was finally time for bed for the crew. They weren't too happy about tomorrow being Monday and school day.

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