October 26, 2019

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  • We had set our alarms for 8 so we wouldn't sleep in to long but so we could sleep in some today. We were awake by 6:30 and out of bed at 7. Needless to say, we were one of the first folks at the Saturday clinic.
  • After debating about taking Whitman to the doctor and after asking him a zillion times if his ears hurt, we decided to take him. He was adament that his ears did not hurt him, but since he can't really hear anything right now, has a nasty cough and is still snotty, we decided to take him. 
  • Robby dropped Whitman and me off at the doctor while he ran to Sams to pick up one more food item for the trip. Let's quickly discuss food for this trip, for some reason we are acting like there are not grocery stores where we are going. We have never, ever taken as much stuff as we are taking on this trip, and this is not nearly as long as some of our trips have been. It is crazy! On my behalf, it is hard to not buy something here when I am sure that elsewhere the price may be double. 
  • Anyway, when we left the doctor Robby was back and waiting for us in the parking lot. Whitman had one ear that was full of fluid and other was indeed infected. Before the pharmacy opened at 9, we ran to Trader Joes.
  • The people lined up at the door like they were giving away free stuff. We just stayed in the car and waited. You would not believe how quickly the place filled up. We bought a few things-including tonight's supper which was orange chicken and fried rice. It was definitely a keeper, and we will buy it again.
  • Then it back to the pharmacy to pick up his presciption. I will say that I am not thrilled about having to take medicine while on a trip. We have done it before though and will certainly do it again. When I asked if it had to be refrigerated, she said that it does but offered me one that did not have to refrigerated. She did add that it was not as good, so of course I told her that we had an ice chest, and it would be fine. 
  • Back at home, we kicked things in high gear. The car was mostly packed last night, but there was some rearranging-breakfast items needed to be accessible and together. Anderson packed his bag which then required a Walmart trip later in the day. Robby made cookies for the car. I made apple crisps to use up apples in the fridge. There was school to pull out for when we get back along with two shirts to finish.
  • Now, we are officially ready-Robby, Reagan and I still need to pack, but we could honestly leave the house with 30 minutes notice. However, since we have a ChickFilA tour in Atlanta on Wednesday, there is no reason to leave early. It is kind of killing Robby that we can't leave early. I do feel that there were be another Disney trip or two upcoming that we can leave early for.
  • This afternoon Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I headed to Walmart. We bought Anderson's last few things, one item for Campbell and another box of cereal. We needed this box of cereal to wedge the other breakfast items into their spot. Seriously, I would love to take everything out of the car and line it up so people could see just what all we are taking. I'll post more about all of that on the way, but yep, it is ridiculous. One thing I do know is that we are very, very good packers. (Now since I have said that, I will probably forget my bag or something important!)
  • Reagan had spent the night at Kaleigh's last night. They didn't sleep any, but did go for a jog around her neighborhood at some point this morning. I am sure that Reagan was exhuasted today. She didn't snooze any, but was pretty quiet and spent the day in her bedroom.
  • This evening some kids had Dairy Queen hamburgers for their suppers while the rest of us had the orange chicken. It was delicious and we finished it off. We will have to buy 2 bags if the whole family every eats it. 
  • We watched the Hogs while we ate our supper-the delicious supper made the game a bit better. I ended up sleeping for most of the second half and all the way to the kids bedtime. It was a wonderful nap which I am going to make even better with some ice cream for dessert.

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