Oxtober 5, 2019-7th Branson Trip of 2019

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We slept until 8ish this morning, and then started stirring in the rooms. I think that I woke my crew up before Robby woke up his crew, but mine stirred slower than his. The motel breakfast, which was inside of a BBQ restaurant nearby, was fairly light. Now, Robby was pleased with the biscuits, sausage and gravy, but the rest of us were left walking around trying to figure out what we would eat. They had only one type of bagel, toast, 2 types of cereal and some type of imitation organge juice plus Robby's food, and that was it.

We all survived and found something that could sustain us for the morning. Then it was on the road to Silver Dollar City. We could immediatley tell that the park would be more crowded today. It definitely was. However, we were able to ride most of the big rides early in the morning.

Right after eating our lunchables, we met up with the Fergusons. The kids and Andrew rode the log ride. I had sense enough not to do it this morning. Then we headed to a few classes. Silver Dollar City had homeschool day today and had different classes that we could sign up for. I had let the kids pick which class they wanted to go to, and the first started at 1.

The first class was leather stamping for Reagan, Keaton and Graham. They were able to make a leather keychain which was kind of cute. It was a little bit light on the "class" side of things, but they were pleased. Well, Keaton was not pleased actually at all-she decided that she didn't want a keychain but wanted the taffy that the Dennie's in the next class would get. (That girl loves her some candy, and I certain that we will pay for it when we see the dentist in a few weeks.)

Taffy making was up next. It was basically just watching their normal taffy demonstration plus getting to fill up a bag with your own taffy. Anderson and Campbell were in this class and loved filling their bag. Keaton and Graham decided that they wanted to buy some so Robby let them do that. I do need to go back and look to see excatly how much I paid for the taffy-I am not sure that I got a very good deal.

Finally, it was Whitman's turn. Before his class, we did ride a few rides with the Fergusons, and during his class everyone but Graham and Reagan went off to ride some rides. Robby sent them with the phone and tracked them as they went. Whitman picked pottery from the beginning, and I was sper concerned that he wouldn't be able to do it. It was super easy-just stamping a coaster with stamps. Then the man took them all up to put them in the kiln and I started to worry since our plan was to head out immediately after his class. 

It was fine though because it just took about 15 minutes. While the coasters were baked, the man made a vase, a bowl and 3 cups on the pottery wheel. It was pretty neat to watch, and Whitman stood there the entire time entranced by what he was seeing.

He and I rusehd to the front after his class to catch up with the others. We pottied and tried to get an apple fritter, but they were out. Then it was to the car-it was a sad walk to the car because this was the first time in a long time that we had not eaten any cinnamon bread at Sullivan's Mill while in Branson. 

In the car, we passed out ipads and headed down south. The kids were fairly quiet on the way home-I am sure that they were tired. We stopped once for gas and once to pick up pizza for our supper. Quiet a bit of time was spent feeling the air come out of the vents. Our air seems to be fussy and wants to stop while we were driving up hills. 

With everyone helping unlaod the car, it didn't take long for us to be finished. It helped that most of our travel stuff, we just stashed in the bonus room becuase I have to get it ready for our big trip. Little trip or big trip, we just love all of our trips and had a great time this weekend.

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