October 20, 2019-Happy 13th Birthday (Party) Anderson!

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  • It was a fairly normal Sunday morning around here-there were tears. No, not from me but Whitman. He doesn't enjoy hearing that we are going to church. Honestly, I do understand the feelings sometimes, especially when I start thinking about his Sunday morning behavior. I think that his behavior has gotten worse in church lately. However, he is sickly so I will give him that-this week only.
  • But, his behavior on the stage this morning when the chidlren's choir was singing was excellent. He kept his hands down, didn't shout and did not do the Dab. Actually, he really sang. He does love to sing.
  • Campbell and Keaton were also in the choir. I knew that Campbell was singing in a duet, but thought that was next week when they sing in the other service. However, it was today plus her Duet wasn't there so it was just her. She did super great, and I think that she was relieved to finish half of her duet-ing. They will do the same thing next week upstairs in the other service.
  • After church, we went to Sunday school. The other first grade class was making a big craft. Meanwhile, my group was coloring a coloring page. They were happy. I was happy. Recycle bins everywhere were happy. I think that maybe less is more....or maybe I am just lazy.
  • When Sunday school was over, a stream of boys started coming and going from our room. Today was the day of Anderson's birthday party at Raymar. We hauled quite a few of the boys to Raymar after church. Robby took our people and Alyssa and Brody in his car while my car was filled to the brim with smelly boys. Actaully, they weren't smelly, but they were entertaining.
  • Robby had already made one trip to Raymar to bring a load of stuff. By the time that we arrived (I drove slowly), he had the grill on. I set everything up while the boys played ball, and Robby grilled burgers. We had quite a meal-hot dogs, burgers, mac and cheese, baked beans and chips. 
  • After we ate, there was a lopsided game of kickball. Robby and I picked teams and tried to pick them evenly-I don't know how well any of these people play kickball. It did work out that Anderson's team won.
  • Then it was time for oreo delight and candles for our almost 13 year old. Anderson opted to open his presents once we got home. He received a handful of cards-most of it was cash along with a few gift cards. I think that he was a pretty happy boy with all of this!
  • When the party was over, we cleaned up, loaded up and headed home. It took us a while to unload the car and put everything away. When I finished with all of that, I started on my last 4 shirts. I have enjoyed making them but gracious, I will be happy to take a shirt making break for a littel bit.
  • The Wilson's came over to help us clean out our fridge. We still didn't even make a dent in it. Well, we did put a dent in the oreo delight. I think that might possibly be my favorire dessert right now. 
  • After the Wilson's left, it was time for the kids to head to bed-we are still working on that earlier bedtime. But maybe one more bowl of ice cream first...

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