October 12, 2019

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  • I woke up at 6 to go to the bathroom which is not the best time to wake up. Then I couldn't go back to sleep because I was having such crazy dreams-friend got kidnapped, riding in a car with Trump, and going to a bbq. I did finally get back to sleep but then didn't have too much time to snooze until it was time to get up for breakfast.
  • Today was the annual fireman's breakfast down the road. We tried to get some more takers to go with us, but the boys were the only ones that we could convince to go. Well, Anderson was th eonly one that for sure wnated to go. Whitman said he did until it was time to leave and then decided he wanted to stay home-we convinced him otherwise. (He still isn't 100%.)
  • Before we left, I did see a dozen deer run by. We usually see a couple or even 5 but 12 is quite a bit. I guess they are getting ready for hunting season. 
  • The fireman's breakfast was pretty crowded this morning, but we did see lots of folks that we know including the both sets of grands. Anderson and Whitman did enjoy looking at the firetrucks and making the horn sound. I do believe that was the highlight of Whitman's day.
  • We did run by the church down the road on the way home because they were having a bake sale. We bought an angel food cake along with some brownies. Tonight during half time we ate some of those along with some no bake cookies and leftover cupcakes-all of our desserts were delicious.
  • We didn't do much once we came home. I did have everyone go through all of their shoes plus 3 bins of shoes in the attic. Then we just stirred enough to eat lunch before heading to Reagan's next to last soccer game. This one was in Benton so we just took Anderson and Campbell. No one else wanted to go so that was fine with us-they will get (have) to go next week.
  • Reagan's team did super and won 3-0. Reagan always plays on the side opposite from us. Since the fields are huge, it is always hard to see her well. She continues to improve and did great today. She plays midfield, but just about almost had a chance to score today. We told her that we just wnated her to knock someone down today. She didn't do that but did kick the ball right into a girl's face.
  • After the game, Anderson went home with Nonna and Pops. He managed to run by Dave and Busters on his way home. I am sure that he loved that since none of us have been there. We ran by Sonic and Starbucks on the way home-a drink for Campbell and Robby and drink for Reagan.
  • We didn't really do anything else after the ballgame until the Hogs game came on. I guess my busy shirt making evening last night wore me out. Everyone ate supper on their own, and then we topped off the game with our dessert buffet. 

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