October 22, 2019

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  • It was school morning around here. Not only are we trying to finish up school, but the kids are also cramming in school work that we would normally do on our trip. (Don't tell them, but since I made them start their school work earlier, they actually did more than they would have if we would have taken it.) We are also busy working on reports about different countries for this Friday's homeschool day.
  • As soon as school was finished, Reagan and I went to church to help with the child care for the convention. Reagan wasn't too thrilled about being in the baby room. We just had one baby, but she held him and even fed him. Now she was pretty careful not to get spit up on her after seeing me get drenched a few times with spit up. 
  • Back at home, the big boys went to their construction class. Today they talked about electricity and radio frequencies. They have had a lot of neat and different opportunties the last few weeks between this class and trail life. 
  • When Reagan and I were finished at church, we ran to the outlets to see if we could find her some shoes. We had no luck, but I did get a pair of blue jeans so it was a win for me. Then we all met back up at Third Realm this afternoon. Everyone jumped for a while and afterwards, we headed off in our own directions. 
  • Robby took the kids home while I took Reagan to her practice. This might be her last practice-she has super enjoyed soccer this year. I ran to Walmart to pick up some trip things-Robby looked earlier today at my pile of packed bags and declared that maybe we should take two cars!
  • Once we came home, Robby made pancakes for everyone's supper. Then I worked on Cambpell's drawers and did some more packing. Robby's evening was spent checking his meata. He cooked two pork butts today-one is done, has been chopped and put away however, the other one (larger) is still happily cooking away outside. 

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