October 21, 2019

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  • I set my alarm to go off early today, but quickly decided that that was ridiculous. The storm kept us up for about 3 minutes last night. Despite the crazy lightening and thunder, after we both went to the bathroom, we slept like babies through it. 
  • This morning we didn't have long to dally. The oldest Heltz arrived at 8:20, and we all walked out of the door. Our little homeschool group met up at the Arkansas FoodBank for a morning of volunteering. 
  • Our task this morning was to 5 pounds of apples in mesh bags. There were 3 pallets full of apples-the boxes on each pallet were about almost as tall as me. It was quite a task. When I saw it, I first thought that there was no way we would come near finishing.
  • However, the kids did super. They worked so incredibly hard. The hardest job was actually bagging the apples but there were also weighers, bag openers and counters. I heard no complaining at all.
  • About 10:45 we stopped for a break. They had popcorn and water for us. After our break, we realized that we didn't have much left to do at all. Just as few boxes left and we were done and home we went.
  • We had our lunch back at home before we did a little bit of school reading. After that, I jumped in the car to keep kids for a conference at church while the kids worked on their chores and a report for Friday (or maybe I should say, while the kids were supposed to work on their chores and a report for Friday.) 
  • The boys had Trail Life tonight. They came home talking about all that they did-they learned about treatment of burns and hypothermia, learned how to tie a knot and how to make a fire. Then they used the fire to roast some s'mores. Of course, that all made for a good evening.
  • Back at tbe house-Campbell and Reagan worked on their clothes switchover. Well, they don't have any to switch but it is more of a clothes clean out. They also, along with Keaton, made a snickerdoodle bar which we have completely devoured. I did some packing as well-I am getting it finished,,,,kind of! 

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