October 28, 2019

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  • This was a fairly regular Monday morning around here. I didn't wake up until about 7:55 which left me scurrying around waking everyone up. They grabbed their breakfast, and we did some abbreviated reading before starting on school work.
  • Whitman still took all day to do his school, but he seemed more focused. Anderson has bits of his math that I do not know how to do (example-what is the square root of 34,345,330?) I don't know how to do that and really can't get motivated to figure out how to do it. Reagan also had some math today that I just skipped. It was an extra thing, and she was a bit shocked when I just told her to skip it. 
  • Meanwhile, Graham has some math that I find fascinating and can't for the life of me commit to memory. This being the third time that I have done it (Reagan and Anderson), you would think that I could remember. It is all about highway numbers-if they are odd then they are run north and south. And three digit highway numbers tell if they bypass/loop or connect to something else based on their even and oddness of their first digit. But for the life of me, I can't remember that, but just like Reagan and Anderson's math, I am not sure why I would ever need that today. I can just look it all up on the maps on my phone.
  • After lunch today, we did some straightening of the house. There was one catastrophe when Graham broke something of Anderson's. It was not a big deal but to Anderson it was a massive deal. It took a good while for everyone to get calmed down again. I worry that they might someday come to blows-though minutes after all of this they were again happily playing their devices together. Boys!
  • We did run to Third Realm today for some jumping. We haven't been in a few days, and I guess the kids have lost some of their stamina. They were finished fairly quickly and ready to leave! We then ran to Kroger to pick up a last minute thing and then to Academy for one more last minute thing. I have decided that might be one of my new favorite stores.
  • Next up was picking up Dairy Queen hamburgers along with more gas for the car. Once we came home, we worked on finding supper for everyone. After we ate, we did empty out the fridge. 
  • Then came showers and some work in the garage for Robby and me. Packing up the van tonight was like packing a giant jigsaw puzzle. We were able to complete the puzzle so that was a win. 
  • Tony and Shannon came over to bring us some of Shannon's yummy chocolate chip cookies. I will happily ride to Orlando with those in my lap. I am having to guard them carefully so they make it out of the state at least.

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