October 30, 2019-Disney Trip Day 2

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I was sure last night that WHitman was going to end up in our bed. He was sleeping inches from me, but the first thing I knew this morning was not him climbing in bed, but Robby telling me that the shower was open.

I took my shower, and by the time that I was finished people were coming in and out to brush their teeth and get ready. We really do have the unloading at night and the repacking at hotels down. It didn’t take too long for most everyone to get ready. 

Now, Whitman and Reagan are the slowest movers in the morning. It takes him 5 minutes to put on his shoes and takes her a crazy amount of time in the bathroom. While I was waiting on the slow pokes, the others headed down the breakfast.

We made it in time to grab something to eat. Now, I don’t mean to complain, but every place should have strawberry yogurt (not banana) along with some type of flavored bagel. I can get by without flavored cream cheese, but at least throw a raisin in the bagel. They did at least have meat for Robby which made him happy. He had a bagel topped with sausage and eggs. He called this his “back-up breakfast.”

We only had about 5 miles this morning before arriving at the Chick-Fil-A headquarters. Traffic was pretty bad getting off of the interstate because everyone was going there. The campus was huge and had immaculate grounds. 

We arrived a few minutes early and quickly found where we needed to go. We first took our picture with a statue of Truett Cathey followed by another one beside a billboard. Then it was time for the tour to begin.

We watched a short film before walking around some of the campus-we saw a model of the first restaurant (not enough time or that would have been or lunch stop). We saw some of Truett’s car collection plus his office. 

Whitman asked two questions on the tour. Of course, this always makes me incredibly nervous because you have no idea what he is going to say However, they were both great questions-Who old was he (Truett) when he died? and “What was the first car in his collection?”

As we left, we walked through the gift shop and bought a surprise bag which was a letdown. Robby did win a plastic cup because he had the most likes from his instagram photos of the tour. That was fun and so were the free sandwich coupons that they passed out as we were leaving. 

From there, we loaded up and headed down south to Florida. The first car activity was checking to see how many things were left on their scavenger hunts. Whitman still needs quite a few (13ish) while everyone else needs around 3 (those being the helicopter, yellow slug bug and a horse or deer crossing sign.) 

Then we turned on our redbox movie. It seemed to be a Halloween-y movie to get everyone in the spirit of tomorrow. The kids watched some of it until Robby had to get on a work call. At that point, we stopped ever so briefly at a rest stop. 

There we also switched drivers. I drove through the misty rain until lunch time when we stopped at Taco Bell. We figured that we would need to save our sandwiches for supper tonight. This was the free taco day, but unfortunately we were there a bit too early since it started at 2. 

Whitman was adamant that his taco come with lettuce, so he indeed received a taco with lettuce and devoured every bit of it. None of my other people had any lettuce (mine didn’t come with lettuce so I didn’t have that option). The food killed hunger, and we were soon back on the road. 

The rain dried up even though the sky was still overcast. They finished their movie-which led to Graham screaming at least once during the movie. He would be a great person to take to a haunted house!

There was a stop for gas, a Redbox, Walmart and bathrooms. It was all one stop so that didn’t add too much time to our trip. A bit later down the road, Robby and I swapped drivers, however, we picked the wrong stop to swap so we added some time back to the trip. 

We passed out snacks and drinks for everyone and continued on. It didn’t take long for us to notice that it was definitely warmer in Florida. I put Robby’s coat up way underneath a seat because I am pretty sure that he will not need it again until we return to Arkansas.

Robby ordered a toll road pass for this trip and our upcoming Florida trips. It does make it nice that we do not have to stop and pay at the these toll roads. Tonight we were on and off of one a few times trying to avoid a giant 45 minutes delay. 

The GPS doesn’t change where to go based on wrecks. Thankfully, Robby caught a highway sign about a delay. We pulled out our phones which both then said different ways to continue down the road. We did end back up on the slow road for about 10 minutes before things finally cleared out.

The last hour and a half of our drive was what seemed like the longest. We finally made it to Jetty Park Campground. It was dark so we weren’t able to look around too much. We did quickly spot the Craft welcoming committee. 

The girls were all glad to see each other and hugged like it had been years. We unloaded a few things before heading to the Craft campsite. They had their grill fired up, and we threw our hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Soon they were cooked, and we were enjoying our supper while the Crafts were eating theirs. 

After we ate, we came back to our cabins to do a bit of speed unpacking. We have two little cabins each with a sink, potty, double bed and bunk beds. They are perfectly quaint and plenty of room for us-once we got settled in. 

We had to make the beds which took a few good minutes. Then the Crafts walked by, and we all headed to the beach. It was very dark by now. This was really the first time that my kids have ever been to the beach at night. There was so much squealing and screaming as they were chasing the crabs. 

Whitman had little interest in the crabs at first. All he cared about was scooping up sand. He will be in heaven tomorrow playing in that sand. Most everyone had a flashlight on our walk. It didn’t take too long for the kids to become brave and start picking up the little crabs. It was so very fun.

We walked and walked along the beach-maybe even a mile. By the time we finished everyone was pretty sandy especially Whitman. The boys walked to the bathhouse to rinse off while the girls just decided that being sandy was fine and went to our cabin.

It took a while to get everything situated in our little cabins. I worked on the blog while Robby unwrapped cords. Soon everyone was settled in, and we were all headed to bed.

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