October 4, 2019-7th Branson Trip of 2019

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Our morning started pretty early. Robby said that even though he slept well, he still woke up quite often during the night. I, on the other hand, didn’t wake up at all until after my alarm clock. The kids all woke up well even though Whitman kept asking why we woke them up at night time.

We pulled out of the garage a minute before 6 which made us pretty pleased. We drove in the dark for a while until we finally pulled out breakfast. Robby had made a Sams run yesterday and brought home honey buns and mini cinnamon rolls. Most everyone had those even though some folks packed pop tarts, granola bars and even some cheez-its.

We didn’t really have a bathroom stop on the way to Branson-well, kind of. Anderson did have to go once so we stopped at a Dollar General. Then Robby and I ran into the day old bread store. We loaded up on some goodies, and then jumped back in the car.

Soon we were saying the pledge and singing the anthem at the front of SIlver Dollar City. We then walked right onto Time Traveler and Thunderation. The crowds were super light today so it was a perfect day at the park. Along with the perfect crowd level, the weather was perfect today. I kept my jacket on most of the morning and back on in the evening.

Whitman did convince enough of us to go on the log ride that we filled the log. We knew that it was a bad choice when we did it, and indeed it was. Getting wet pretty early in the morning is not my idea of fun. We soon dried off-well, all but Reagan’s socks which spent the rest of the morning hanging off of Robby’s backpack trying to dry.

We were able to hit all of the major roller coasters this morning. We even watched a lumberjack show. We missed the part in the title about it being a cirque show. Ha! So we were pretty suprised when there were no real logs but only jumping and dancing lumberjacks. What I saw of the show was cute (and yes, dark room, comfy pew, I had myself a super great nap.)

We had packed in our lunchables. Everyone ate those as we mulled over Disney food. We then met up with the Fergusons for a little bit. My big kids are enamored with their little kids so no one complained at all about riding little rides. Whitman loved hanging out with his buddies so all was well.

At 3, we went to check into the motel. It was nice though a bit warm in our rooms. We left with the air on super high so the rooms were quite chilly when we returned. We unpacked, and the kids had a drink before we loaded up for the park again.

Tonight we caught up with the Heltz and the Fergusons. The park is full of pumpkins. There were so many pumpkins everywhere-carved pumpkins, big ones, little ones, different sizes, shapes and colors. It was so, so neat. Disney has a Halloween party which cost a ton, but this one probably matched theirs (except for the candy-they didn’t have any candy tonight.)

The kids enjoyed seeing all of the pumpkins-it was pretty amazing. They also enjoyed riding a few roller coasters in the dark. We went all around the park tonight, and I even managed to get over 20,000 steps. 

We stayed at the park until closing time, and then trudged up the hill to the car. Well, I am not really sure if we had to go uphill or not-but it is always a walk to and from the park. The drive down the strip took a little bit tonight, but we were soon in our room eating a cookie before going to bed.

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