October 29, 2019-Disney Trip Day 1

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Robby woke me up a bit before 8 this morning to tell me that he was leaving the house. He also added that Anderson was not yet awake. He was wearing a pair of pjs that I needed to wash before we left this morning, so that was needed information.

I slept until 8 since there wasn't too much to do this morning. When I did wake up, I wondered around the house for a bit looking for anyone else who was awake. None of the boys were awake. Now this was odd. I did most everything that I could do early while waiting on those pjs to appear to start the wash.

I was just about to text Robby and ask when I should start waking them up, when they did start coming down the stairs. First Anderson, then I could hear Graham talking to Whitman. Graham walked down the steps holing all of the stuffed animals that Whitman wanted to bring. 

They had their breakfast while I continued getting things ready. I guess that there is no good time to leave for a trip. I prefer to leave first thing in the morning so when you go to bed everything is ready to go and you just leave. Since we were up for a little bit before leaving this morning, it did make things a bit crazier in the house.

At 10, the boys had their last construction class. This one was a tour of the Materials Lab at the Highway Department. While they were taking their one and a half hour tour, I was back at the house throwing last minute things in the car, making beds, folding towels and running around like a crazy person.

We had mostly packed the car this weekend and last night. We have stuffed something in every nook and cranny of this car. It is on the verge of ridiculousness or genius. I am not sure which, You name it, we probably have it with us. Now, I am not too sure if we could find it, but we still probably have it.

Soon, it was time to rush off and pick up the boys. We loaded up, locked down the house and zoomed off. We were a few minutes late to get the boys but that was fine because they got out of their class about 15 minutes later than planned. They seemed to enjoy the tour today and really enjoyed the class.

The first thing that was passed out was lunch. We had made lunches at home-a bagel for Reagan, hot pockets for the middle 4 and a roll up for Whitman. Robby and I didn't get much of a lunch though we did have some cookie butter and crackers.

After lunch was properly distributed, it was time to pass out Grannymom's scavenger hunt. For the next 30 minutes the kids were searching for all kinds of things. Reagan searched and searched for road kill while Campbell and Keaton were magically seeing all of the things pretty quickly. Whitman was just worried that everyone was going to get a prize. He didn't want to lose and be left out of a prize.

The car was pretty noisy until we finally passed out ipads, and then it was silence. The silence lasted for a while. We stopped just after Memphis for a bathroom/gas stop. From there, I did some driving. Not much really happened while I was driving. I did do quite a bit of searching for a firetruck and deer crossing sign to help Reagan and Graham on their scavenger hunts.

Before too long it was dark, and we were hungry. Since tomorrow is a ChickFilA tour, today we ate ChickFilA. I am not really sure what happened but after we ate our food topped with lots of sauces, we still had over a dozen sauces leftover. We may have to come up with a meal on this trip to use our extra sauces. 

After we ate our supper, we finished the RedBox movie-Toy Story 4. Reagn and Anderson had not seen the movie. Reagan said that it was her favorite Toy Story movie. I told her that possibly since she is older now, she gets more of the jokes. This Toy Story movie is my least favorite-well, I think. I can't really rememeber much about the other ones. 

Robby drove the last leg of the trip into Atlanta. We did have to stop fairly soon for a bathroom stop, but that was fine because we were going to have to get gas before we arrived at the hotel. The evening was fairly quiet. The kids played on their ipads while Robby and I listened to a church service. 

Soon we were pulling into the big city and finding our hotel. Reagan and Graham walked in with Robby. That helped the rest of us look like not so many people when we all came in. Whitman and Reagan had showers, and soon we were all in our spots trying to go to sleep. Currently, Whitman is rollinng around like a rolly polly. I am not sure he is going to sleep anytime soon.

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