October 11, 2019

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  • If you remember, I had debated about doing school today, but my list has been slowly marked off so not only were we able to do school, but I also snuck in a nap. This was our 4th day of school this week, which meant no spelling! We do our weekly spelling lesson in 3 days so today was just a wee bit shorter.
  • Actually, it was about an hour shorter for me. By 11, I was in Whitman's closet changing his clothes to winter items. Then I even printed out vinyl for one more shirt. Reagan and Graham did most of their work for today yesterday so they had little to do school-wise today, so their mornings were as relaxing as mine.
  • Robby, Reagan, Keaton and I went to the new Newks for their preview day. We tried it out, and the food was pretty decent. Both sets of grands were there too, so that made it fun. Keaton and Reagan enjoyed a bit of extra attention.
  • Afterwards, we ran to the grocery store for a little bit. We needed to pick up a few things which turned into almost a shopping cart full of stuff. I did buy a few things for the trip-well, not that much-just 3 things of ziplock bags. 
  • Back at home, I had my nap and then finished 3 more shirts. Two for Robby and one for Anderson. Robby's shirt has "#BROKE" written on the front of his. The O in broke is a mickey head so it is super cute. 
  • Robby ran to pick up super for the kids plus he picked up Tazikis for the adults. He seriously, was super dad tonight because he took 3 of the Craft kids plus our people to Menchies and Chuck E Cheese tonight while Traci, Candice and I set up a shirt sweatshop in the kitchen.
  • We worked from 6:30 until almost midnight. We made 23 shirts, and oh, my some of them are super cute. I do believe that we should go into business-not really, shirt making is a bit tedious. However, we had a lot of fun. 
  • The kids had a blast too. Robby was telling me about how calm Whitman was this evening whil they were out and about. It was midnight when we were tucking him in and soon noticed that he felt a bit warm-thus the possible reason for his calmness and even the possiblereason for his afternoon nap today. Hopefully, he was just cozy warm and not cozy fevery. He still got some tylenol before going to sleep. We don't need any sick people around here. 

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