October 16, 2019

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  • Robby ran to pick up our ChickFilA breakfast this morning. It was free because of their receipt day the other night so of course we had to partake! I had half of my breakfast this morning and the other half tonight for supper. 
  • We headed off to Bible study and were a bit later than usual, but still there in plenty of time. I had thought that the morning had gone well-folded laundry, emptied dishwasher, had a good breakfast. However, we left Campbell's book at home, Graham didn't pack his lunch, Whitman wasn't wearing underwear (thankfully, there were some in the car) nor did he have a coat.
  • After Bible study, we went to a park to play for a little bit. I thought it was a bit chilly, but the kids didn't seem to mind. They didn't really play on the playground equipment but spent their time playing 4 square and football.
  • We did run by Academy on the way home. The stop was about as expected-it sure wasn't fast. We did find shorts for Campbell, something for Reagan but then we started looking for shoes. Reagan needs new shoes before Disney and so does Anderson. My children have expensive taste and unfortunately I do not. Neither were able to find anything.
  • When we were walking out I did find a rack of 10 dollar Nike shoes. I thought that I had struck gold. However, try as we might, I couldn't squeeze Anderson's foot in any of them. Urgh!
  • Once at home, we did a tiny bit of reading before I sent everyone off to work on their chores. Keaton and I finished their chores before I started working in the attic for a little bit. Before too long, it was time to grab a bite to eat for supper.
  • We decided that since most everyone had ChickFilA for breakfast plus some for lunch or snack, then they could just eat leftovers or sandwiches for supper. Then it was on to church for the evening. 
  • Wednesday nights are crazy-I am always glad when they are over. We listened to our book on the ride home, and then once we made it home we celebrated that the day was over with some ice cream!

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