October 25, 2019

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  • Whitman usually doesn't want to leave the house, but this morning I remined him that we were seeing a play, he was ready in no time at all. Today we were seeing the Wizard of Oz at Wildwood. 
  • We left pretty early, and I thought that we would arrive before most other folks. We did make it before the others in our group, but the place was full and parking was still crazy. After parking, we had to hike to the theater in the rain which made for a cool start of the morning.
  • The kids all enjoyed the play-it might have been a tad on the long side. Whitman soaked it all up. After the play, everyone came back to our house for an abbreviated homeschool day. The kids all had reports about different countries.
  • Reagan talked about Canada, Anderson spoke about Australia, Graham about North Korea, Campbell talked about Djibouti, Keaton told about Panama and Whitman about Eqypt. They all did great-especially since we really never practiced them. Plus, I had not heard anyone's reports-I did read them all though.
  • The boys were a bit bummed that the kids couldn't play outside today during the rain. But they didn't have too long to play because there was a party for the little ones to go to. Before the Crafts left, Whitman came up to me and said that he had washed his hands because he wanted to touch the baby. I told him to go for it-he patted Gabriel on the hand. Then I picked Gabriel up and let Whitman hold him. He was so pleased with himself.
  • Robby and I dropped Keaton at a birthday party, then we dropped Reagan and her friends off at their birthday party. For the drop offs to work out well, we did have to drop Reagan off a bit early-like 40 minutes.
  • That was fine with them, and it gave us time to vacuum the car, run to Kroger, pick up a free taco from Tacos for Life along with pizza for the kids. After we ate, Robby and I did the first round of packing. Gracious-I am not sure that it is all going to fit.
  • Campbell went with me to pick up Keaton from her party. Then it was back home for more work for me along with an incredibly late bedtime for my people.  

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