October 24, 2019

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  • I know that today is Thursday, but I have been thinking that it is Friday all day long. That made for a pretty perfect day. "Living like it is Friday" should be my new motto. 
  • Not surprisingly, I was scurrying around this morning to wake everyone up. I will say that the kids are starting to wake up in a better mood the last few days. I think that we are finally catching up on our sleep...except that we are about to get all out of routine.
  • School went fairly well this morning. Graham and I did have it out over the circuference of a circle. Gracious me, he is just like me! 
  • Whitman finished his work fairly early today-he was super focused (for him) today. I do get tickeled at him-every time that he finishes his work earlish, he asks Anderson if he is done. Then he will do a little dance when he beats Anderson. Now today, this all happened a bit after 12 so there was probably no need to do a 'I beat you' dance especially since his other brother had been done for at least an hour.
  • We had our lunch and then I had everyone help around the house some. We can clean this place up in a short amount of time, but we can also trash it even faster. I am not sure how well a maid would clean this place, but sometimes I would like to see.
  • There was more packing today-I am not sure that I will ever be finished packing. Honestly, I should think of getting a side job packing people. Robby and I will have our car so packed down-there will be something shoved in every nook and cranny.
  • This evening, we went downtown for Trick or Treating at the museums. It was quite fun-some of the places went all out (like the Mosaic Templer) while others seem to just get smaller each year. Now I will say that the kids came home with pounds of candy. More than they ever need! 
  • One of the highlights was the haunted house. Whitman knew it was pretend, but by the end him and Graham could not wedge themselves any more between me and the wall. He even let out a yelp at one point.
  • Once at home, there was lots of candy sorting before and after our bbq eating. We ate way too late but then topped it off with a few pieces of candy. The kids had a great time and even though I was a bit concerned about missing Halloween, I am now done with it-I feel like I can check off the "Halloween" box.

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