October 9, 2019

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  • My Campbell and Reagan woke up at 6 this morning to watch the sunrise. Though they quickly discovered that sunrise wasn't until nearly 7. Since my kids have all been calling the sunrise the sunset, I would have to assume that Reagan looked at the wrong time. They tried to go outside but determined that the bonus room window would be the best option. 
  • When I went upstairs at 7:15 for the treadmill, they were setting at the window cuddled up in blankets. Glad they had some sisterly quality time. Graham talked about getting up in the morning to see the sunrise. I am not so sure why my people would ever want to get up early! I sure don't.
  • I did a little bit of cricut work this morning before my shower which wasn't probably the best idea. Not surprisingly, I left little time for my shower and had to rush to leave the house on time. The kids can often be slackers but they did pretty good this morning.
  • Bible study is good this year. I am kind of enjoying Exodus. I will say that dropping the kids off each week is a bit of a hassle, but not horrible. It doesn't seem like there has been any progress at Immanuel so I woul dhave to assume that this won't be our last year at two locations.
  • Before Bible study started, Graham, who was so excited about bringing his snack, smashed his fingers in the car door. Anderson and I were still in the car and Graham was climbing back in. He shouted that he couldn't get his fingers out, and we jumped to try to open the door, but he opened it before we could get there. Bless, he wasn't as bruised up as I thought that he would be, but he was pretty shaken by the whole thing. I stayed with him while the others walked to class. He eventually recovered and headed in with the others.
  • Afterwards, we went to a park. All of our buddies were there along with our class. My kids said that they really enjoyed it and asked to go back to the park next week. I am glad that they had fun with their friends.
  • From the park, we zoomed on home. I had a list to accomplish and thankfully, I did. We did some school reading, I read to Whitman and to Campbell and Keaton. Then the boys and I worked on their closet and their room. I moved some drawers out of the room to put in my attic. I am trying to clear the way for one of Whitman's Christmas presents.
  • I even finished in time to do some of my shirt making work. Then we headed to church to eat. Well, that was the plan. I had no food at home and no plan (I think that I said that yesterday.) Robby ended up meeting us at ChickFilA so that made for a good end to the day. 
  • Church tonight was not as crazy as last week, so that was super nice. The kids can get pretty wild on Wednesday night. After church, we came home for some ice cream before staying up way too late-the kids, not so much Robby and me.

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