October 8, 2019

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  • Tuesday and gracious me, there isn't enough hours in the day. I have even been talking about skipping school on Friday so I can get some stuff done. I am still doing my best to check off my list so we can do school. Honestly, skipping school just for me to catch up would make me crazy, but it might just be necessary.
  • School went pretty smooth this morning. I did our morning reading, and we finished a few library books. We actually returned 50+ books today from the library. We only checked out about 30 so we did pretty good.
  • Whitman took forever to do his school today. When he leaves my bedroom, where I am, he just gets so distracted and doesn't finish anything. I know that he wants to be with the others, but being near me would work so well. Maybe he will one day figure it out.
  • At 12, Graham and I did some speed cooking. He has snack tomorrow so he dipped some oreos and chocolate chip cookies in white chocolate for his class' snack. We were slinging chocolate all over the kitchen because at 12:15 we had to leave the house to get them to their construction class.
  • Amber drove them today. They were able to sit in some big machinery and even honked the horn. There was a simulator that they enjoyed. The boys came home saying that this was the best class yet. Also, Anderson said that the lady told him that he was "very mature." 
  • Meanwhile, the girls, Whitman and I went to the library. We went to the homeschool class. We were the only ones there for a bit. We made exploding monsters which they all enjoyed. Well, Reagan is a bit old for the class and tolerates it since her siblings enjoy it. However, I do think that she liked making the craft today.
  • Then it was to Third Realm for a bit of jumping time. The boys met us there, and we ended up staying for over an hour. Next up, we rushed home for me to make some supper. Supper is hard to make when you have no plans and no idea what to make. Life is a bit wild right now, but some day I am going to make a weekly menu or at least a plan.
  • I did find food for everyone before loading up with Reagan to take her to soccer practice. I dropped her off and then ran to Walmart of a little bit. When I got back, I drug my lawn chair to her field to watch her practice. I didn't realize that it was cold out there!
  • I was so glad when they called practice a bit early because it was dark-I was freezing! We hurried home where I did some work on the computer for a bit. Robby was gone all day and when he did return at bedtime, he brought Hurts Doughnuts for everyone. It was a sweet end to a busy day!

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