October 19, 2019

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  • Another busy day around here. I feel like we mark two things off of our lists and add two more things to them. It is a busy time at the Dennie house. Don't get my wrong, it is still lots of fun, but I am a bit tired!
  • The morning started off at Raymar to help with the football concession stand. Robby headed that way first while I was right behind him after dropping of Laynie and picking up Reagan. Reagan and Anderson were able to get credit to help with their camp for working today, so that was very good. 
  • We enjoyed working the concession stand, but not nearly as much as Campbell did. Seriously, that girl loved passing out the food and working the computer. Reagan and I enjoyed straightening the place up a little bit-don't tell her but she has the organizing gene just like me.
  • After the games were over, we ran home for a little bit. Robby and I loaded the car for tomorrow's birthday party. That took a while so when we were finished, it was time to head to Reagan's last soccer game.
  • She has had a great season. I think that Reagan has improved so much, and her team was such a good team. The girls worked together well, and the coach was so encouraging. It was a pretty perfect first real soccer season for us.
  • All of the grands and Jason were at the game. The weather was pretty perfect during the last game. Our original plan was to go to Walmart afterwards and have a quite night at home. But that wouldn't be any fun, so we called the kids on the way home and told them to clean up and put on their costumes. 
  • We went to Spook City in Benton. They had spots to trick or treat, and the kids ended up with a bucket full of candy. Reagan didn't do much trick or treating except where the candy was really good. And after a while, Whitman said that he was done. He could have cared less about getting any more candy. So I would just take him to get more candy when they where they were also passing out good candy.
  • Whitman had a cold a bit ago but now he has one again. He is super snotty but without fever. Tonight he was in more of a fog than usual. I told Robby that he has until Wednesday to get better or I will be taking him to the doctor. We can't have any sick people next week.
  • After the buckets were full of candy, we went out to eat Italian. We split most of the meals that we ordered, however, we ended up taking home one full order that we never even touched. That might be due to the massive rolls that they kept bringing to our table before we even had our food. We were stuffed by the time that our food arrived.
  • Then there was that trip to Walmart that didn't happen this afternoon. We divided and conqured and were quickly headed out of the store and headed home. At home, it was shower time for everyone and then to bed. 
  • Our goal is to work on moving up the bedtime around here. We have been going to bed too late and so have the kids. Hopefully, we can catch up on some sleep this next week!

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