October 18, 2019

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  • I again had toyed with the idea of skipping school this Friday. However, after I heard a few too many people complain and grumble about school, I decided that we were going to do school today and migth even tomorrow. (Yes, I did calm down and decide that school on Saturday was not a good idea at all!)
  • The boys started off the school morning wrestling on my bed while they waited on the girls to find their breakfasts. So as you can imagine, that didn't end well and everyone knew how I felt about the issue. 
  • After our morning reading, everyone started on their school work. Graham had finished all of his yesterday so he was finished early. However, Reagan had a long day-she had to take a part of the ACT test plus she had new math-scientific notation. I had to figure that out real quick so I could explain that to her. Gracious, I sure hope that her math gets easier and not harder!
  • At lunch time, Robby stopped his work to help make beans to put on the grill. Then we worked on Mac and cheese followed by some oreo delight making. We had dishes everywhere and made a huge mess of the kitchen. 
  • While I worked in the kitchen to clean it up, I had the kids clean up the house. They worked fairly well-my goal is just that things look better than when we started. I do think that we should work more on how to do chores correctly, but who has time for that?
  • At 3, we loaded up for the Children's Library. They had a science program today. First there was a paper airplane contest-Reagan won. She admitted that she had know idea how to fold an airplane! After she won, she had to go to the front to talk about her plane. 
  • They also had a spaghetti and marshmallow tower building challenge. Keaton's group won. Anderson and Reagan were in a group together and they should have won, but theirs fell at the last minute. Campbell, Graham and Whitman's group ended up being second place.
  • We really needed to leave at 5, but that is when they started making ice cream in a bag so of course we stayed for that. The kids enjoyed shaking the bags filled with ice to freeze their ice cream. It was a fun little class.
  • Afterwards, we zoomed home and arrived just as the Pennington's arrived at the house. Robby had everything ready and perfect at the house. The McGuires arrived soon. For years the kids have dressed up on Halloween so most of my folks found something to wear. I guess Reagan and Camryn were too cool to participate. I asked her what she was and she was quick to answer that she was a "Geyer Student" as her sweatshirt said. 
  • Our supper was delicious-baked beans and pork tenderloin made on the grill. They were both delicious. Then there was Pioneer Woman mac and cheese which was also pretty good. And who can pass up Oreo delight for dessert. 
  • The kids enjoyed playing, and the adults enjoyed chatting. It was a pretty great evening. 

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