October 7, 2019

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  • Monday school around here-I had spelled out exactly what I wanted everyone to do because there had been some slacking happening. It did help some, and everyone seemed to be on top of things. I got in late tonight so I didn't have time to list specifically what I want for Anderson to do tomorrow so I hope that he gets it done quickly.
  • My list is fairly long these days so I was squeezing in everyone second to do something productive. I will say this, I think that I need a few more hours in the day. Ha! It will all get done-maybe not today, well, definitely not today since there are only 3 minutes left in this day.
  • We had our lunch, and then the kids and I worked together again. We have read so many library books the past few days that I will need a wagon to get them all in the door. Seriously, it is a bit on the ridiculous side.
  • This afternoon we ran to Third Realm after working on the boys clothes. It is time for clothes switchover. I do love doing this because their rooms are pretty spotless when we finish, but I also hate it because it is just a lot of work. My goal this week is to just finish the boys. Hopefully that can happen.
  • After Third Realm, the boys went to Trail Life while I dropped off the girls and headed to Bunko in Sherwood. The guys stopped at Dairy Queen for their supper while I fed the girls leftovers. 
  • Robby made it home around 8ish, and everyone had a snakc before they finally went to bed-much later than usual. I however, didn't make it home until much later than usual for a bunko. It was a busy day, but tomorrow will be just as busy!

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