October 14, 2019

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  • Monday morning and nothing too exciting. I did wake up fairly early to turn my alarm off so I just barely woke up in time to wake all of the kids up to start on our school. I have just over a hundred books checked out from the library and am trying my best to finish as many as I can before our trip. Hopefully, I can get that total down to 90ish since tomorrow we will go and check out a few more. Enough about my library book obsession...
  • School went very well. Whitman and his avoidance of doing math has started to drive my bonkers. Once he finishes his math, then he flies through everything else. He doesn't miss any math questions so it isn't that he doesn't get it though it may still be harder for him. 
  • At 12, I ran upstairs with Keaton to go through 2 bins of clothes for her. She ended up filling a laundry basket of clothes. Currently, her pants and shirts drawers are overflowing, and she will have plenty of clothes.
  • Right after lunch, Robby did take all of the kids to get their flu shots. We weren't really too sure if it was going to be shots or the flu mist. We only knew that Anderson would get the shot plus another shot that he was due. Bless, it was shots though. Keaton was pretty weepy, and Whitman wasn't too thrilled, but Robby bribed them with Sonic drinks so all was well. Now I am the only one who still needs my flu shot.
  • This afternoon we went to Third Realm to jump. The kids had lots of fun playing dodgeball with some big kids. The boys were incredibly sweaty when we left. Frm there, we ran to ChickFilA for our supper. They had a good deal tonight. 
  • Then it was to Walmart. My list is pretty long but we were able to mark a few things off tonight at Walmart. People needed shoes, shorts, shirts plus there were chips, cereal and candy to buy. The kids weren't happy about our Walmart stop, but I loved it and could have stayed longer!
  • Once we made it home, we worked on some Disney pins and packaging candy for later in the week. Then we settled in to watch Chariots of Fire. We listened to a book about Eric Liddel. I will say that the book was much better than the movie. The only thing that made the movie good was the popcorn that Robby made!

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