Dennie Family Resolutions 2020

Here we are again; the beginning of the year which means that it is Dennie family resolution time. It is always fun to set a few goals even though we know that many we probably won't accomplish. Some of the kids had quite a few ideas this year:

-More hugs
-Walk/run 100 miles in January
-Weigh 190 by the end of the year
-Go to a Razorback baseball game

-Walk/run 100 miles in January
-Weigh less than I do now
-Read through NT with the church
-More prayer time

-Drive on the interstate
-Get taller

-Make wise decisions with money
-Rebuild 6 Lego sets
-Go to a Razorback baseball, football and basketball game

-Get taller
-Go to an NBA game
-Collect 10 more Funko Pops
-Drive the car (completed today-1/1/20)

-Make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from scratch
-Have a lemonade stand
-Try starfruit
-Go to the beach
-Get a new bike

-Make cinnamon rolls (completed today-1/1/20)
-Do a backflip in the pool
-Drive a golfcart

-Learn to ride a bike (mom's resolution for him)
-Jump 18 times (his resolution)

And this is the part that I know that you have been waiting for-last year's resolutions and our results:

-Walk over the Clinton Library Bridge and Big Dam Bridge (nope)
-Go to Silver Dollary City at least 6 times (We went 7 times.)

-Improve at meal planning (nuh-huh, actually worse than ever)
-Run/walk consistently on the treadmill (not at all)
-Be generous (that I did do, at least I think so)
-Less ipad time/more activity time for the kids (some yes, but mostly no)

-Spend all of my gift cards (Robby actually bought out all of their gift cards so that would be a yes.)
-Not spend any money (She is not a spender so probably another yes.)

-Spend all of my gift cards (Again Robby bought all of their gift cards from them.)

-Go to Branson (Yes-7 different trips this year)
-Go to ChickFilA (Yep again)

-Have a lemonade stand (They did at Dana's garage sale.)
-Go to a baking class (I don't think we got that one done, but she will this summer.)
-Use all of my gift cards (Robby bought hers out as well.)
-Learn how to make homemade brownies (Using the box probably doesn't count, so no.)

-Sell cookies at a lemonade stand (She did.)
-Bake all by myself (She is the muffin making queen.)

-Play Minecraft (Certainly did)
-Go to Disneyworld (2 different trips in 2 months)

Our 2019 total was 14 out of 19 which is 74%. That is much better than some years!

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