January 21, 2020

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  • Last night Robby said that we should walk on the treadmill "early", but I didn't think that his interpretation of "early" would be quite so early. Gracious. My alarm clock hadn't even rang yet. I do know that most normal folks had been up for a while, but to me it was still early!
  • We did walk, then the kids started to gradually stir around the house. I had everyone work on their Bible study and one more thing. My super hard workers picked the easiest things ever to do so they were done in no time at all.
  • Our crew started arriving at 10:30.  Today we had 30 folks over, and in case you are wondering that is a lot of folks. The average age was probably around 6 today so it was pretty busy.
  • I have been super excited about this day for a bit. Kim came over and taught the kids a little art lesson. She used watercolors today, and it was so great. She had things for the littles to do and then things for the bigs to do.
  • I would have assumed that the littles attention span would have been short and the bigs would have been too cool for this. Not so. The littles all stuck with her through four different activities and then painted pictures. 
  • The bigs (fairly small group) really worked hard at it. When Kim told them that they could now paint something, they went to town. The boys looked up pictures on the phone, and the girls really took their time. Art is not something that we do around here any so today was perfect.
  • Afterwards, the kids ate, trashed the house and then went outside to trashed the yard. Once everyone left, my crew went to town picking up. I tell you they really do great at picking up. Within minutes, the house was back in order and everyone was starting their afternoon veg out.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a little bit this afternoon. I have a sweatshirt that has a  stain that Nonna needs to work on before we leave. She is my miracle stain worker. Once they left, I laid in my chair for a few minutes before we all loaded up for Keaton's basketball practice.
  • Her coach was under the weather tonight so Robby and his assistant coaches (that would be Anderson, Graham and Campbell) helped. They all had fun. and practice went by quickly.
  • Then we ran to ChickFilA to redeem our receipt day receipt. We had shakes and soup-along with quite a few sandwiches. Supper was wonderful, but it was just too chilly going to and from the car. I am pretty much wearing my heavy coat all of the time lately-even in the house!
  • We did stop by the Wilsons on the way home for a cookie and for some chocolate chips. Campbell has snack tomorrow, and even though we didn't forget, we did wait until the last minute. We soon had her snack baked and were ushering everyone to their beds! 

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