January 3, 2020

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  • We had to wake up early this morning because Nonna came over to pick up Campbell and Keaton. I did go through the house to wake up the girls and was certainly surprised that my boys were not awake yet. I can tell you for sure that Monday will be very rough.
  • The girls used their Pottery Worx gift cards with Nonna. They had fun painting and stayed there for 3 hours. I believe that Keaton painted two things and Campbell painted three. They have not told us what they made because it is a secret.
  • Robby and I walked again on the treadmill today. I tell you my shins are still so sore. However, since he made it his New Year's resolution to walk 100 miles in January, we have to get it done. And possibly, a long walk on the treadmill helps with all of the snacking that we continue to do!
  • Robby and the boys did use up some of their gift cards today. They went to Dave and Busters for a bit of playtime and a bit of a snacky lunch. They had a big time playing the games and even decided to save some of their money and go back another time.
  • Reagan, Whitman and I decided that we needed something to do out and about today too. So we went to get her hair cut. I climbed in the passenger seat and Reagan was quick to tell me that she couldn't drive there. I did let her drive about a mile down the road, and I can definitely tell that she is improving.
  • The last time her hair was cut, she had it layered. She didn't think they did a great job then, and I did agree. The lady today asked Reagan if she cut her hair the last time-seriously! 
  • Reagan was super pleased today after her hair was cut. Then we walked around Walmart for a minute. We did find some wrapping paper, rice krispy treats and some glue all on sell for next Christmas (the glue is for a stocking or two). Then we had to make Whitman happy so we went for a browse through the toys. Finally, I had to make Reagan happy after walking through the toys so I bought some fries for them to share.
  • We made it home around 4:30 and I was just about asleep in my warm and cozy bonus room, when supper plans were made. Soon Tony and Robby went to buy some Chinese. They came home with enough food for at least 40 people. I have enough noodles in my fridge to circle my house twice! It was delicious though!
  • We then all loaded up and ran to the Wilsons-it wasn't enough for us to trash just one house, we wanted to make it a progressive dinner and trash both houses. (Nobody's houses were really treashed). We had oreo delight at their house and stayed out again way too late!

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