January 8, 2020

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  •  As we lay in bed last night, we debated waking up early for the treadmill. I did suggest an alternate plan (Robby exercise while we are at Bible study and I do it in the afternoon.) He was quick to go with my plan so we hit snooze just as long as we could this morning.
  • Even though we didn't have too long this morning before it was time to go, but we were able to empty the dishwasher and the trashcans....well, I was able to empty the dishwasher and trashcans! The kids did pack their lunch and get ready without too much drama.
  • We did Bible study-it was nice to get back in a routine, but the routine is hard! The kids just don't seem as happy this year in their classes since we have made the switch to being at two different places. 
  • Afterwards, we went to Fellowship to play on their playground for a little bit. It was nice outside-a little chilly, but I had my jacket so I was good. When we left, I let Reagan drive for a little bit. My plan was to let her drive to Kroger, but I started to doubt how busy it would be to get there. 
  • Instead we drove around Fellowship and did get on a real road. I quickly found a parking lot to turn into since I didn't know where we were going. I then had her park and back up to head back to Fellowship. Then my plan was to have her stop at the stop sign and change drivers-but gracious is there was not too cars behind us!
  • So I had her keep going-through a round about! She did fine, but had no idea where she is supposed to go. I hope that practicing will help that. I should have left earlier tonight for church so she could drive more, but a little every day is my goal.
  • Once at home, the boys weren't here for too long before heading to Dave and Busters to spend the rest of their gift cards. They spend most of their money and even found some prizes-a shirt, a blue fuzzy llama, and some candy. I did my treadmill time and had time for a few things before it was time again for church.
  • Wednesday nights are hard. Keaton is in a room with a bunch of spirited (nice word) kids. She did have a different teacher tonight which she said helped, but she was almost in tears again tonight as she asked me to change her classes. I assured her that we just have 2 more weeks before a break. Not so sure that church should be this difficult!
  • I am not too sure that she felt that great too because she sat in my lap while watching the Hogs and scratched all over. I found zyrtec, cream and lotion and medicated the child up. The big boys were the only ones who stuck with the Hog game tonight before bedtime.

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