January 25, 2020

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  • Today was the last day of basketball for the Dennies. Graham and Anderson's team have a few more games, but we will miss those. We made it in time barely for Keaton's game this morning. She had spent the night at Nonna's house.
  • Her team did pretty good today though they still lost. Keaton did really well this year. She is a fierce guarder and is tall enough that she grabs many rebounds. After her game, she recieved her trophy and was super pleased.
  • Though all of the kids had losing seasons, they weren't the worst on their teams. My Dennie basketballers were about middle of the pack, and we couldn't ask for more. Actually, this was a much better season than last year since all of the coaches were great and even our church buddies.
  • Between games, we ran home for a little bit. Graham and Keaton went to Nonna's house during the break while Whitman went to Grannymom's house. They missed out on lots of packing and running around like crazy folks here at the house. 
  • I will say that we didn't do the treadmill today since there was no need-Robby already hit his 100 miles on the treadmill in January mark so we were able to take a break today. That was nice since there was very little time to sit today. Actually, the only time we sat down was during the kids' games and while we were eating.
  • Campbell's game was next. She didn't get many chances to touch the ball today but hustled the entire game. My Cambpell never wants to sit down during the game. If she is able to be on that court, that is where she wants to be. They also lost their game but just by one point.
  • After Campbell received her award, it was the boys turn to play. Gracious, their team was beat today. On the tip off (is that what it is called?), the ref had the two smallest players do it, so Graham was the one on his team. He was able to knock it to his team mate and that was about the only thing that happened well on their team today. Well, I will also mention that when their score was 5, Anderson had scored 4 of those points. I do think that they had fun this season.
  • Today, on one of their very first plays, a player on the other team was racing towards to goal to shoot. Graham was right behind him and let out a scream as he approached. Robby later told Graham that was one of the things that he did when he was playing basketball. He said that he would try to clap in the opponents face so they would miss their shot.
  • After their game, we ran to David's burgers to cash in a free meal (2 actually). Graham and Campbell went in with me so while we were waiting on our to go order, the happily had samples of ice cream and fries. Then it was to Marshalls for Reagan and I to find her leggings while the others ran to 5 Below for some trip supplies. Then it was to Kroger for a few last minute snacks.
  • Once we made it home, everyone worked-showering, packing, cleaning. They all worked and worked hard-maybe because we were withholding supper until we were close to finishing. Soon we had finished, and we again pulled out everything from the fridge. Not only did we eat the leftovers, we emptied it and unplagged that fridge. 
  • The car is loaded-most of our bags, a panini maker, basketball, volleyball, soccer ball (why all of the balls?), quesadilla maker, and at least 10 bags of gold fish! What else could we need?  

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